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BHEL CFFP unit at Haridwar is involved in manufacturing of heavy industrial equipment. The manufacturing facility has a custom shop where manufacturing of large size castings and forgings of various types of alloy steels, creep-resistant steel(s) and supercritical grade steel is carried out. The GAIL (India) Limited team visited their site and critical observations were recorded.

Till date, this plant had been using LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) and LDO (Light Diesel Oil), but now the plant has been made capable of using natural gas as a fuel. Post the change, remarkable differences in the amounts of fuel consumption and costs of using the fuels were observed. A high reduction in costs and  a massive 26% reduction in the carbon footprint are some of the benefits that came with the implementation of natural gas in their plants. Saving energy as well as money, with the same output, is the ideal situation for any plant, and natural gas makes that situation a reality.

Reductions in carbon emissions lead to better public health, resulting in more trees growing, fewer diseases and much more. This study shows that not only does the use of natural gas reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, it also reduces cost, resulting in a higher monetary saving, giving nothing but profit to your company. Now is the time to switch to natural gas.

Bridge the Gap

Dear Sir/Madam,

We’re reaching out to you on behalf of GAIL (India) Limited and would like to invite you participate in our online debate #BridgeTheGap. The debate is based on the notion whether Natural Gas can be used as a bridge fuel between fossil fuels and renewable energy. This debate starts on the 8th of August and will conclude on the 15th of August. If you know anyone who might be interested in the above, please feel free to forward this email along.

You can participate in the debate Here.


10 Sustainable Cities From Around The World

Sustainable cities have been popping up around the globe in recent years, however, the idea of a sustainable city or eco-city has been around for a few decades now. The term was first used by Richard Register in his book titled; Ecocity Berkeley: Building Cities for a healthy future.  An eco-city is designed with specific consideration on reducing environmental impact. A main design feature of many of the eco-cities is to stop heat wastage and reduce/neutralize air pollution. Eco- cities are usually inhabited by like-minded people who believe in reducing water, food intake and minimize waste.

Here is a list of ten sustainable cities which are changing the way people live.

1. Calgary, Canada


18,000 Canadians developed a blueprint for a sustainable future when they created the imagineCALGARY Plan for long terms sustainability. The Plan contains a 100-year vision that articulates the city in which Canadians would like to live and how to get there.

2. Masdar city, Abu Dhabi


Masdar is Arabic for “Source”. Masdar is a planned city which relies on solar energy and other renewable energy sources and is being designed to be a hub for cleantech companies. The city combines ancient Arabic architectural techniques with modern technology to pioneer sustainable development.

4. Auroville, Tamil Nadu


The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity. Auroville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics, and all nationalities.

4. Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, China 


It is the result of a collaborative agreement between the governments of China and Singapore to jointly develop a socially harmonious, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving city in China.

5. Clark Freeport Zone 


The Building of the Clark Green City by Philippines Govt. will feature a 50-year master plan that will help decongest Metro Manila, drive the economy and guide the country towards sustainable development.

6. Songdo International Business District, South Korea 


Songdo IBD’s leadership in sustainable development will have key quality-of-life attributes for both corporations and residents. The city will be the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified district in Korea.

7. Hung Shui Kiu


Hung Shui Kiu has been identified as suitable for the new development area purposed to cater for long-term development need in Hong Kong. After development, it may accommodate up to 160,000 people in the future.

8. Waitakere, New Zealand


Waitakere eco-city is an opportunity for Waitakere City to become a leader, to enhance its image and to find innovative solutions to the constraints it faces.

9. Hacienda – Mombasa 

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Hacienda eco-city in Mombasa is Kenya’s first environmentally, socially, culturally and economically sustainable project. Solar & wind energy along with rainfall will be harvested.

10. Freiburg Breisgau, Germany


SolarRegion Freiburg is a long term development vision that the city of Freiburg in southwest Germany embraced in 1986, which has resulted in multiple benefits for both the environment and the local economy.

India has already started work on sustainable cities with Auroville being the first. Following the Make In India campaign and the Smart City Initiative, more eco-cities will be developed in the near future.


First Gen Corp Set To Build $1 Billion LNG Terminal Next Year.

The Philippines’ First Gen Corp has reported that the construction of their $1 billion LNG terminal should be begin by next year. The regasification project is one of at least four planned projects. This would open the doors for further natural gas imports into the region. First Corp intends to keep a 50% stake in the project and give the rest to partners and one foreign investor.

The foreign partner will bring in the expertise in operating and maintaining the facility, although a final investment decision has yet to be made.

Australian-listed Energy World Corp Ltd is looking to switch on its Quezon LNG import hub and power plant this year, while ManilaElectric Co recently said it was in talks with Osaka Gas Co Ltd to build natural gas facilities, including a regasification terminal.

Read the full article here:

Courtesy of Reuters via Downstreamtoday


Nations Capital Prefers PNG

Indraprastha Gas limited (IGL)  is on the verge of breaking records by providing nearly 100,000 homes with piped natural gas (PNG). IGL is a joint venture between GAIL and BPCL. The rising use in PNG suggests that Indian consumers prefer the convenience and utility PNG provides. Further evidence suggests that PNG is safer as compared to traditional fuels, such as wood fired stoves and gas cylinders.

IGL  added 72,771 connections during 2013-14. Company MD Narendra Kumar said IGL was committed to maintaining the highest level of safety standards in its operations and appealed to customers to strictly follow the safety precautions as disseminated by IGL from time to time.

He added that it would be IGL’s endeavour to better its record in the current year by covering new colonies.

IGL sells clean fuel to nearly 8 lakh vehicles in NCR through a network of over 300 CNG stations.

To switch to PNG today click this link

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Courtesy of the Times of India




Petronas To Deliver The Worlds First FLNG By 2016

Petronas will complete the world’s first FLNG (floating liquefied natural gas) facility in the first quarter of 2016. Major corporations are joining the trend of switching to Natural Gas and it has not gone unnoticed. People from all over the globe are starting to realize the harmful effects of oil, coal and other traditional fuels.

Kuala Lumpur, April 21 (Reuters) – The world’s first floating Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project, built by Petronas, is expected to supply its first cargoes in the first quarter of 2016, senior officials from the Malaysian state-oil firm said on Tuesday.

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Via Downstreamtoday and courtesy of Reuters


China Is Taking Steps To Mitigate Its Environmental Footprint

The citizens of the world are becoming acutely aware of the dangers and harmful effects of carbon emission and greenhouse gasses and thus many countries are looking to bio-fuels as a way to lower the impact. China is one such nation that will implement a full-scale, waste to ethanol plant, which is expected to produce 30 million gallons every here.

April 22 (Reuters) – China Steel Corp plans a commercial-scale project to produce ethanol from waste gases as a push to improve air quality without using food as feedstock, said the firm that came up with the technology on Wednesday.

According to LanzaTech, the Chicago-based company that created the technology, it is projected that China Steel is to spend $46 million for a commercial ethanol facility attached to a steel plant in Taiwan that is targeted to pump out more than 30 million gallons of ethanol annually.

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Via DownstreamToday and courtesy Chris Prentice of Reuters

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The ‘DOOR TO HELL’ in Turkmenistan

At first glance, it could be a dramatic scene from a science-fiction movie.
But this giant hole of fire in the heart of the Karakum Desert is not the aftermath of an attack on Earth, launched from outer space.
It is a crater made by geologists more than 40 years ago, and the flames within have been burning ever since.
Welcome to Derweze in Turkmenistan – or, as the locals have called it, ‘The Door to Hell’.

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Renewable Energy Expo

Renewable energy expo is around the corner. Gear up all renewable fans and enjoy the extravaganza of renewable resources! The expo will be held from 3 September till 5th September. Increase your knowledge and experience the wonders of renewable energy.

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Salute to the African Hero

In remembrance of the revolutionary hero, GAIL India salutes Nelson Mandela on his Birth Anniversary. His contributions to Africa and the world will always be remembered.


#Natgas potential discovery

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel on the planet. Natgas does not leaves carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and many other harmful pollutants while it burns and therefore is often regarded as the fuel of choice by many. However the potential usage of the same was found a log back in 500 B.C. by the Chinese.

The discoverers of one of the most cleanest and effective fuel now are taking measures for usage of the same. China is the biggest producer of coal and the energy mix of the nation also depicts the same. However, lately the dragon land is investing heavily on shale gas discovery. Like the United States China is willing to step closer to #EnergySecurity. Recently companies are indulged in aggressive search for gas in the area called Jiaoshizhen. It’s said that the region will provide a promising end to the search.


Pakistan overcomes another barrier

Pakistan is all set to initiate formal import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2015. The infrastructural development in the country to support the same has already started in full flow. The above was stated at the Lahore Chamber of commerce and Industry on Thursday.

The LCCI members implicated the role of LNG to cut down the gap between demand and supply of energy in the country. Members also cited the examples of fellow Asian countries such as China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia inducing the fact that development rate and energy demand fulfilment being achieved by the nations. Liberated trade policies would allow Pakistan to move further towards #EnergySecurity.