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BHEL CFFP unit at Haridwar is involved in manufacturing of heavy industrial equipment. The manufacturing facility has a custom shop where manufacturing of large size castings and forgings of various types of alloy steels, creep-resistant steel(s) and supercritical grade steel is carried out. The GAIL (India) Limited team visited their site and critical observations were recorded.

Till date, this plant had been using LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) and LDO (Light Diesel Oil), but now the plant has been made capable of using natural gas as a fuel. Post the change, remarkable differences in the amounts of fuel consumption and costs of using the fuels were observed. A high reduction in costs and  a massive 26% reduction in the carbon footprint are some of the benefits that came with the implementation of natural gas in their plants. Saving energy as well as money, with the same output, is the ideal situation for any plant, and natural gas makes that situation a reality.

Reductions in carbon emissions lead to better public health, resulting in more trees growing, fewer diseases and much more. This study shows that not only does the use of natural gas reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, it also reduces cost, resulting in a higher monetary saving, giving nothing but profit to your company. Now is the time to switch to natural gas.


GAIL launches India’s biggest athletics talent hunt GAIL: The Fastest Indian


GAIL launches India’s biggest athletics talent hunt GAIL: The Fastest Indian

Hunt for the next Milkha to identify and develop Olympic-level sprinters

Ambitious project to scout and support talent in India for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Talent hunt amongst children across 19 Cities and 20 Events

New Delhi, September 22, 2014: Aiming to identify Olympics medal winners in Athletics, GAIL (India) Limited today launched the first edition of India’s most ambitious sports talent hunt, “GAIL:The Fastest Indian”, in association with Spoment.

Legendary athlete ‘Padmashree’ Milkha Singh, himself, is the mentor of the talent hunt, which will identify, groom and develop champions keeping in mind 2020 Tokyo Olympics and herald a new era in the Indian Athletics.

The talent hunt is aimed at finding next Milkha of India and will be conducted across 19 cities reaching over 3,000 schools in the age group of 12 to 14 years.

The event is spread into finding best talents in 100 metre, 200 metre and 400 metre race for both, boys and girls.

Winners from their respective cities would be competing to become “GAIL:The Fastest Indian” on December 14, 2014 at Bengaluru in the finals, where one boy and one girl from each category will be selected.

GAIL (India) Limited, India’s No. 1 Natural Gas company and a Maharatna PSU, is the principal partner of the event being organized by Spoment, a global sports, media and entertainment company.

Winners of the finals of “GAIL:The Fastest Indian” would be trained by renowned national and international sports trainers, where they would get specialized training needed to compete at the international events. The winners will also be given complete scholarship up till their post-graduation so that their focus would continue to remain on medal winning and not have to ne worry about the future.

Speaking on the occasion, ‘The Flying Sikh’ Shri Milkha Singh said, “I am very happy that GAIL and Spoment have taken this initiative. This project is the need of the hour. It will help find many more Milkha’s from the length and breadth of this country.”

GAIL’s Director HR Shri M. Ravindran said, “GAIL is a brand associated with energy, youthfulness and growth. The company’s lean and nimble workforce has worked hard to make it the country’s fastest growing Maharatna company in 30 short years. Association with the search for the fastest Indian thus comes naturally for GAIL. Athletics as a sport is a true test of human endurance, redefining the limits we set on ourselves. We are sure that a country of a billion plus has a lot of extraordinary talent that is untapped. What is required is a little help and little faith. We hope to be that help.”

According to Shri Darshan M, Director, Spoment, “GAIL-The Fastest Indian is much more than a talent hunt, it’s a dream for Indian sports. It is an ambitious attempt to discover, groom and develop an Indian Olympic level athlete. The project would achieve its goal even if few of the kids from this search go on to represent India at the international sports arena.”

While the first edition of “GAIL-The Fastest Indian” will cover 19 cities, it will be expanded over time to reach all 800 districts of the country, thus becoming the world’s largest ever athletics talent competition.

The organizers have tied up with the School Games Federation of India to popularize the event and ensure participation by the maximum number of talented children.

The other partners who are making this dream possible include IFIM Business School which is providing scholarships, Manipal Hospitals, Sports Keeda, Chroma, Fox Mandal, ICONGO,, CII YI and UNIBIC.

The cities where the event will be held and the dates are given below. The exact venues will be announced in due course.

The cities where the event will be held and the dates are given below. The exact venues will be announced in due course.

City Date


Ludhiana 7 Oct 2014


10 Oct 2014



13 Oct 2014



14 Oct 2014



16 Oct 2014



17 Oct 2014



20 Oct 2014



27 Oct 2014



30 Oct 2014



7 Nov 2014



10 Nov 2014



12 Nov 2014



15 Nov 2014

14 Banaras

17 Nov 2014



20 Nov 2014



22 Nov 2014



25 Nov 2014

18 Guwahati

27 Nov 2014

19 Bhubaneswar 29 Nov 2014




India and Renewables

As per a report published on the economist, only 2% of India’s land should suffice for generating 100% of electricity required through renewable sources like wind and solar.

The report also mentioned, at the current rate of business, it might take the world approximately 200 years to get all the electricity it needs through renewable sources, but by bringing down the cost to the level, as it is currently in China, this figure could be reduced down to 40 years.

Is not it an amazing fact to inspire us towards sustainable development.  Share your views in the comments section below.

Inforgraphic renewable_0


Investments in renewable


Its a good news that almost every country is now feeling itself responsible for conservation of nature. It is clear by the prediction that 2/3rd of $7.7 Trillion in energy investments by 2030 will be in renewables.

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Possibilities in natural gas exploration

Do you know that 48% of India’s overall sedimentary basin area is yet to evaluated for hydrocarbon reserve potential. Nearly 60% of the total area awarded for exploration has been relinquished by awardees and deemed to have no commercial prospect


CNG vs Conventional Fuel

Is CNG the immediate FUTURE ?

The ravages of drained energy resources are becoming more manifest every day. Thus,  the fight for “ saving “ the earth’s energy resources is moving with escalating urgency.

In this era of technological advancements, the search for green fuel is the major concern. So far the nearest contender to meet all the environmental and economical aspects has been natural gas. Today about 90% of the world’s energy consumption is being generated using fossil fuels.This has lead to a portentous situation where more dependence on non-renewable means worsening the current scenario.

It has become imperative of energy to be generated from natural gas and be effectively integrated into the economy. Natural gas appliances cuts carbon footprint of a home by 43% as compared to the electrical ones. For every megawatt hour power generated, coal –powered electric stations emits double the amount of carbon emissions as compared to natural gas powered stations. Today, Natural gas is being harnessed in every industrial sector ranging from production of vinyl flooring,  carpets, medicines, sun glasses, facial make ups and many more.