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Coming together for World Peace

World Peace Day is a day that marks the absence of violence and the presence of brotherhood, alliance and harmony.

This World Peace Day, GAIL takes the opportunity to announce the AGPS (Asian Gas Partnership Summit) 2013, in an endeavor to acknowledge the spirit of unity amongst the nations of the world. The AGPS highlights the Asian Natural Gas market, said to be the 2nd largest by 2015, with 790 bcm of natural gas demand. These numbers signify growing transnational collaboration.

The AGPS is a platform for various Asian Natural Gas entities to unanimously step towards making the world greener, healthier, cleaner and sustainable. This effort is to bring along economic & social development that peace alone can assure.

With Natural Gas, Tomorrow is Yours!

Visit the official AGPS 2013 website @


Natural Gas on TRACK – Say hello to a better Tomorrow

Natural Gas has been used to fuel vehicles since the 1930s. Today there are more than a million NGVs in India and the numbers are bound to increase. Leading companies such as Ford, Toyota, Mercedes and Audi are coming up with Natural Gas powered vehicles everyday.

Here is an example of how Audi came out with a car fueled by Natural Gas


Even the Buses today on the roads of India are transformed from what they used to be. The post below depicts how Delhi introduced the first CNG Hybrid bus years back.


Natural Gas has also taken over in the Airlines sector. As a clean fuel, Natural Gas also turns out to be more economical. The post attached shows the same


However, moving a step forward, the India Research Design & Standard Organization (RDSO), a research wing of the ministry of railways based at Lucknow, has started developing a prototype of Trains based on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Although the idea is not new and versions of Natural Gas locomotives have been tried and tested in different countries over time, including those run on propane, there has not been a remarkable shift towards the same.


With the success of this prototype, India will make the switch. The technology will benefit the Indian Railways as well as our citizens in the following ways:

  1. Being a cheaper alternative, it will bring down operating costs (by 50%) and this will affect the spend on transport by its consumers.
  2. Environmentally, It will make the nation healthier and the future greener with lower emissions
  3. India has abundant resources of LNG for now and is also working on Importing quantities for the future and LNG terminals in India are on their way to being set-up on the east and west coasts
  4. Running on Natural Gas would amount to only 2.2 per cent of India’s annual natural gas consumption of 81 million tons and therefore be commercially feasible
  5. The trains would need lesser refueling compared to Diesel trains

Natural gas is definitely proving to be a promising fuel and it is visibly clear that not only will it help the environment but also the economy and directly or indirectly the people of our country. After all a stronger economy is the result of its powerful citizens. With Natural Gas, Tomorrow is Yours!!


Mark your calendars for the 25th of September’13

GAIL announces it’s 29th Annual General Meeting for its members this Wednesday, the 25th of September 2013 at 10:30 am at Manekshaw Centre, Parade road, Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi 110010

The NOTICE for the same is available at and the Annual Report for the Year 2012-13 is attached herewith. To download the Annual Report Click Here

For further information please contact:


GAIL Bhawan,

16 Bhikaji Cama Place,

R K Puram, New Delhi – 110066

EPABX : 011-26172580, 26182956

Fax: 011-26185941

GAIL (India) Ltd was incorporated in August 1984 as a Central Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoP&NG)

For further information please visit our web site


GAIL Signs 3.83 Lakh Crore deal to source GAS from US over 20 years

GAIL India, signs one of the largest deals ever signed by an Indian Company, entering into a $60 Billion deal with two US based companies for bringing in close to six million tonnes of liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) every year over a 20 year period starting 2016-17

GAIL is the first Asian Company to buy liquefied Natural Gas from the US at an advantage of low prices, apparently the lowest in 13 years. Mr. B.C. Tripathi said that the landed price of Natural Gas in India will be close to 12$ per million metric British thermal units (mmBtu)

This deal will equip GAIL to supply 23 million metric standard cubic meters of Gas per day beginning 2017 in the domestic market and benefit industries including, power, fertilizers and others. Apart from this GAIL has also secured 3.5 million tonnes per annum of LNG from US based Cheniere for 20 years. The second 2.3 mtps deal has been signed with Dominion energy. It is the cheapest LNG that has been sourced so far for the domestic market!



DELHI Transport goes HYBRID

The 17th of September, 2010, around 3 years back, our National Capital became the first city in the country to introduce environment friendly low-floor CNG-electric hybrid buses having almost zero pollution level.

Owing to TATA motors, the hybrid bus offers substantial improvement in fuel economy compared to a conventional vehicle. A hybrid electric bus combines a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system and an electric motor using regenerative energy storage system

As a result, the usage of CNG-electric technology leads to lower emissions, thereby contributing to cleaner air and a greener, more environment-friendly commercial passenger transportation application. The low-floor air-conditioned bus can seat 32 passengers and can also accommodate wheel chairs.


GAIL makes it to the FORBES Global 2000 List

GAIL (India) Limited, a gas utility company in India supplying products that include natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons, liquid petroleum gas transmission, petrochemicals, city gas distribution and power has made it to the Forbes Global 2000 List.

With a rank of 962 on the Forbes Global 2000 list, GAIL is amongst the top ranked within the context of the 56 Indian companies that have made it to the list this year.

Talking Numbers, the Market Capital for GAIL India is 7.61 B $, while revenues are estimated at a rocking 8.66 B $. With a GLOBAL presence, 4000 employees and assets worth 10.02 B $, GAIL shall go higher in the coming years.

GAIL India Limited is extremely proud and takes this opportunity to thank all our employees for being a part of the success and all our fans.

Forbes Global 2000 List:

Why let CO2 escape?

The natural gas burning A3 sportback G- Tron, is the latest Audi car that will run on CO2 taken from the atmosphere and turned into Natural gas.

“It’s a very cool idea to take CO2 that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere and turn it into hydrogen and synthetic natural gas.” – AutoBlog

How it works?

Step 1: Wind Energy (Completely renewable): The starting point for Audi e-gas project is electricity generated via renewable wind energy.

Step 2: Power Grid:  The wind energy is fed into the public power grid.

Step 3: Electrolysis: The electrolysis plant which is operated by wind power, splits water into Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Step 4: Methanation: The hydrogen reacts with Carbon Dioxide in the methanation plant. The result is e-gas (synthetic natural gas).

Step 5: CNG Station: The e-gas is thus stored and transported to the filling stations to be filled into your Audi A3

Let us know in the comments box below, what you feel about the “Tomorrow” is it yours?

Honda runs on Natural Gas

GAIL India commenced supply of natural gas at Honda’s Tapukara Plant in Tapukara Industrial Area, Distt. Alwar, Rajasthan


Ada Coca-Cola company slashed its fuel bill to half using CNG

Cleaning up with natural gas

Natural gas is so clean that you can use it to cook spaghetti  in your home, and to fuel your car at the same time. Know more about natural gas in the video above (courtesy Ford)

Now Airplane to run on CNG

Q1 Turnover rises by 25%. Net Profit rises by 15%

GAIL (India) Limited registered an increase of 25% in Turnover (net of Excise) of Rs. 11,089 crore in the 1st quarter of FY 2012-13 against Rs. 8,867 crore in the corresponding previous year quarter. The Profit before Tax increased by 17% to Rs. 1,685 crore in the 1st quarter of the current financial year against Rs.  1,443 crore in the corresponding quarter of previous year. The Net Profit during the 1st quarter of FY 2012-13 increased by 15% to Rs. 1,134 crore against `985 crore in the corresponding previous year quarter.
GAIL has shared Rs. 700 crore towards LPG subsidy in the first quarter of the current financial year as compared to Rs. 682 crore during the corresponding previous year quarter.
During the quarter, the net sales from Natural Gas Trading increased by 28 percent to Rs. 9,242 crore as against Rs. 7,205 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. The revenue from Natural Gas Transmission during the first quarter of the current financial year has decreased by 2% to Rs. 915 crore as against Rs. 939 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. The net sales from LPG and other Liquid Hydrocarbons business during the first quarter of the current financial year have increased by 32 percent to Rs. 1,072 crore as against Rs. 814 crore in the corresponding quarter of previous year. The revenue from LPG transmission remain flat at around Rs. 114 crore.
The increase in revenue is mainly due to higher sale of Spot LNG volume, increase in sales price of LPG and Liquid hydrocarbons & Petrochemicals.
The Natural gas transmission during the first quarter of the current financial year was 109.82 MMSCMD as against 117.16 MMSCMD in the corresponding quarter of the last year. The quantity of polymer sales was 66TMT against 88 TMT during the corresponding quarter in the previous year, LPG and other Liquid hydrocarbons sales were 322 TMT as against 349 TMT in the corresponding quarter in the previous year. The LPG transmission during the first quarter of the current financial year was 845 TMT as against 817 TMT during the corresponding quarter in the previous financial year. The quantity of polymer production was 80 TMT as against 109 TMT, LPG and other Liquid hydrocarbons production were 327 TMT as against 350 TMT in the corresponding quarter in the previous year.