Introducing rocket science in your kitchen

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You must be wondering, why are we bringing in rocket science into your kitchen, and the answer to your question is, to help you save lots of gas (read money) and time (read peace) while you are cooking in your kitchen.

This happened, when a renowned rocket scientist, Thomas Povey, from Oxford University, was trying to boil water on mountains. The wait for the water to boil was so long and boring, that he thought of utilizing this time to think of an innovative idea, he introduced rocket like fins to the sauce pan, to rectify the aerodynamic and heat transfer problem that the traditional sauce pans have.

The result was astonishing, saving more than 40% of energy, as compared to the traditional pans, while at the same time, it boiled water fairly quickly.

Natural gas saving pan
Natural gas saving pan

I hope you enjoyed this interesting story, of our #EnergyHeroes, if you have a similar story to share, or you have any feedback for us, feel free to drop in a few lines, under the comment sections below.


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    Every body should use solar cooker/concentrator/heater that ensures saving of LPG/PNG/Kerosene (Ruppes) more than 30% daily. If solar cookers/concentrators/heaters are used for cooking lunch or heating the water daily. Cook lunch at zero fuel cost daily and enjoy the incentive scheme of Government on the purchase of such items (Solar cooker/concentrator/heater) too. It is well known that one hour solar energy is sufficient for total energy consuption of world for the year.

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      Thank you, Mr. Suraj Singh, for the great insight, it is really an important information that must be shared with everyone, so everyone can contribute towards mother nature. – Team Social, GAIL India Ltd.


      My Dear Saeed Ji,
      Your comment gives me immence happiness. I want to share a lot on the subject: harnessing of Renewable Energy/Solar energy, a need of present. Thanks & Regards,
      Suraj Singh

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      Thanks for the lovely comment Mr. Saeed. We are determined to work harder to provide you such infotaining stories on a daily basis. Regards, Team Social – GAIL

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