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India is a melting pot of cultures and climates. Added to this interesting mix is something new – speed. Today as one of the fastest-growing economies, India witnesses changes, and upheavals that bring up something new every day. About GAIL voice introduces you to such distortions, every day, so that you can stay updated on all things energy.

Something that comes naturally to India’s youngest, fastest Maharatna.

GAIL voice is the official blog of GAIL (India) Limited. All about GAIL related news is an official position unless stated otherwise. The blog also features content that is not to be treated as an official position or comment but is only used for initiating conversations and exchanging ideas. All such content is attributed to sources.

All content can be shared, except for commercial purposes for which prior permission has to be taken from GAIL (India) Limited. Although we take extreme precautions when writing articles, please notify us if any article has an error or is not properly attributed.

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