Beyond institutionalized education system

Today when institutionalized education is considered as the basic priority for knowledge and conscience, one man proved that the only thing that one needs to attain wisdom and contribute towards development and wellbeing is a kind heart and positive intentions.

Mr. K Balkrishna, was on his way to Tamil Nadu, to distribute food and clothes to the Tsunami victims in the state when he realised how powerful water is and the endless possibilities lies ahead if the resource is harnessed in a positive fashion. The Bangalore resident, who is a school dropout and has also worked as a lorry driver for several years then decided to work on such a solution that amazed the world.

Provided the education he received it must be an achievement for the 52 year old to be appointed as the a councillor of the erstwhile K R Puram city municipal council; but It was just not enough for his appetite to invent a fresh prospect exploiting nature’s power.

Finally Mr. Balkrishna came up with a conical turbo attached to a turbine that was a result of untiring hard work and research of three years. The invention generates power from slow moving water and the best part is that not even clean water is needed. Therefore, it can be employed in choked lake ware and drains. The first experimented usage of the turbo harnessed amazing result wherein it produced enough energy to light 300 lights in and around KR Puram since last year. Apart from generating 30kv of power the turbine also separated the solid particles from the drain water therefore, making it reusable for the purpose. Later on he also went on to modify the model of the turbo that was capable of generating 100kv of energy.

He has five of such turbo turbines, and the development of his ingenious idea into reality priced a hefty crore rupees. The amount however was donated by friends and well wishers as well. In spite of keen willingness of Mr. Balkrishna to use the device in Karnataka and India, the authorities seem uninterested yet. However the Saudi Arabian government is eager in the further development of the project.

India consists of many unsung #EnergyHeroes who continuously contribute towards #EnergySecurity.

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