#GAILTheFastestIndian Hunt Begins

#GAILTheFastestIndian hunt is in full swing as it starts from Chandigarh.

The hunt is on to find the next Milkha Singh for the country across 19 Cities and 20 Events to identify and develop Olympic-level sprinters.

This novel initiative is targeted at securing medals in athletics at Tokyo Olympics 2020. Legendary athlete ‘Padmashree’ Shri Milkha Singh, himself, is the principal mentor of this annual event. He will also provide his input and help in selecting and grooming potential winners.

Take a look at these 12-14 year olds, taking on a 100, 200 and 400 meter sprint and striving to win: on.fb.me/1vWme6h






























































Event Schedule

City Date
Chandigarh 10 Oct 2014
Bhopal 13 Oct 2014
Delhi 14 Oct 2014
Ahmedabad 16 Oct 2014
Jaipur 17 Oct 2014
Mumbai 20 Oct 2014
Goa 27 Oct 2014
Hyderabad 30 Oct 2014
Rudrapur 7 Nov 2014
Chennai 10 Nov 2014
Lucknow 12 Nov 2014
Kochi 15 Nov 2014
Banaras 17 Nov 2014
Bangalore 20 Nov 2014
Patna 22 Nov 2014
Ranchi 25 Nov 2014
Guwahati 27 Nov 2014
Bhubaneswar 29 Nov 2014
Finals – Bangalore 14 Dec 2014


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  • please share the links such that more and more people can register at http://www.thefastestindian.in let us do our bit such that more people can get to know about the event

  • Umakant Tripathi

    More publicity and advertising efforts are needed from the event managers to find out the talents from villages/tahseel/district level. Present efforts put by the event management company seems to be inadequate in this regard. After all the aim of the events is to find out the sprinters of Ussain Bolt level. Do with such hurried action can be find out the hidden talent like Ussain Bolt?

  • sandip dandekar

    best wishes to all participants

  • R K Srivastava

    It is an excellent idea for identifying prospective Olympic medal winner. We may consider advertising the same in local media a week befor for enhanced participation.



  • please spread the word around. we have send posters to the zonal offices. we are sending mails as well elated to the event. please send to all poeple whom you know such that maximum exposure of the event happens


  • Bhupendra Shankar Mathur

    good effort but we are not seeing its ad on mass media ,how people will come to know about the selection trials.Please take help of media like TV etc

  • Rajeev Sahai

    Gr8 thought by GAIL in promoting Athletics !

  • Dinesh Kumar Gola

    Best of luck to every participant’s

  • R.P Singh

    Superb, Keep it continue.

  • Prashant Sharma

    GAIL’s journey of excellence : from being one of the fastest organisation to nurturing the fastest Indian. We are proud and passionate for this effort.

  • Jitendar Sood

    Great. Let us pray that GAIL is able to find New Milkha for the Nation.

  • anuj

    Good luck every participant’s. It is an admirable inspiration.


    It is an excellent inspiration for choosing the best delicate from the huge potential available in & around the rural areas those are really need to enter in the expensive platform. Many of them are not in a position to thing to prove their skill & strength because of their poverty & social & economic aspects. Yes, GAIL has really providing a stage to target for securing medals in athletics at Tokyo Olympics 2020.

  • Neeraj Dwivedi

    Congrats participants
    “If you are afraid of failure you don’t deserve to be successful!” So must run with hope in heart and dreams in head.”-All the best ……..

  • Ajay Jindal

    Wow Great initiative. Let’s keep it alive.

  • A K Roy

    Wish you all the best.

  • Balram K Reddy

    This is a great initiative by GAIL providing a good opportunity for all the budding future medal winning athletes. Wishing them all the best.

  • Sukant Kr. Singh

    Good initiative by GAIL

  • Anurag Sharma

    All the best. Great Initiative.

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