Making the SWITCH – HOSPITALITY fueled by Natural Gas

Hotels are the backbone of the tourism sector in any country and it is through them that tourists and visitors experience hospitality. The Hospitality industry contributes to this experience through the services, facilities and benefits provided to not only the consumer but also to the community.

With international tourism increasing by the year and domestic tourism strengthening, India will see incredible opportunities for growth. It is with this objective that there has been a noticeable shift towards the usage of Natural Gas within the Hospitality sector. There are many reasons ‘WHY?’ and also many ways ‘HOW?’ to make this switch.

“Natural Gas across the nation has the potential to not only stimulate new lodging markets, but supplement existing markets as well.”

1. Natural Gas is the most competitively priced of all fossil fuels, with savings of up to 50% compared with oil (Source: SEAI 2012).

2. Natural Gas is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly fossil fuel available. It produces up to 25% less carbon dioxide than oil and up to 50% less than coal for the same energy output.

3. Natural Gas is incredibly versatile. It can be used to heat or cool large spaces like conference rooms and banqueting areas.

4. It can also supply all your hot water and catering needs, and power other hotel equipment such as air conditioning and laundry.

5. And when you make the switch from oil you gain another important benefit: extra space. Natural Gas doesn’t require large fuel tanks or a large storage area.

By installing Natural Gas you’re assured of a constant uninterrupted energy supply with no need to order or schedule fuel deliveries.

Additionally, your hotel could also make additional savings by opting for Combined Heat and Power (CHP). With CHP technology, Natural Gas is used on- site to provide both heat and electrical power from one device. The CHP unit burns gas to power a generator producing electricity, while at the same time producing hot water. This process can result in very high efficiencies and reduce the overall fuel cost.

With the installation of a Natural Gas fired CHP system, you can achieve an increase in energy efficiencies of between 20-25%.

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