Save on your Electricity Bill

Electricity bills can be cut short to a large extent by adopting a simple solution. Avoid standby mode on your electronics and observe the difference in your electricity bill. This small gesture can contribute large…

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Save energy by driving safe

It is a fact that you can save upto 33% gas by avoiding quick acceleration, rapid breaking and speeding! This fact delivers energy saving along with save drinking skills hence a convenient way to contribute…

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Renewable Energy Expo

Renewable energy expo is around the corner. Gear up all renewable fans and enjoy the extravaganza of renewable resources! The expo will be held from 3 September till 5th September. Increase your knowledge and experience…

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Salute to the African Hero

In remembrance of the revolutionary hero, GAIL India salutes Nelson Mandela on his Birth Anniversary. His contributions to Africa and the world will always be remembered.