Aiming For Sustainable Development

GAIL, since its inception has been guided by the objective to be a good corporate citizen with the essence of sustainable development ingrained in our vision and mission statement. Our business philosophy stresses on the growth which is sustainable for the economy, the stakeholders, the community and the environment. GAIL has tried to align with the principle of triple bottom line by being a responsible and committed corporate citizen by meeting the energy demands while providing customer care and creating value for all stakeholders and ensuring our responsibility towards environment.

We, as a central public-sector enterprise, have a key role in resonating country’s aspirations to achieve socioeconomic growth with sustainable development. We are working towards a sustainable energy mix as the country’s energy demand will grow three times by 2030. While rebounding further on the strengths of a resilient infrastructure and delivery system in place, we take pride in becoming the harbinger of prosperity and socio-economic growth by echoing its positive vibes with all its stakeholders to transform the lives of millions of people who can look forward to a cleaner fuel and creating positive value.

GAIL is also working with the millennial generation and public at large to create awareness of pollution and to implement mitigating actions for ensuring ‘Clean Sky’ under ‘Hawa-Badlo’ campaign across the country. Over 20 million has been the outreach in a short span and the response is overwhelming.

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