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1 GAIL employee = 1 plant

At GAIL India nature & development share the same stage. GAIL India takes step to a greener tomorrow by giving back to nature!  All Employees embedded with these values took the initiative to plant atleast one sapling which accounted to more than 4000 plantations! This opened the gates for nature and development to grow standing beside each other. GAIL India shall always put its best foot forward for nature & development to go hand in hand. 


39 underprivileged students make it to the coveted IITs

19th June, 2014, New Delhi:  A whopping 39 out of 91 students from economically marginalised backgrounds, sponsored by GAIL’s flagship education programme Utkarsh, make it to the most coveted and prestigious engineering institutions of the country –the IITs.  In what is considered to be one of the toughest entrance examination in the world; it is a wonder this year 91 out of 100 qualified in IIT Mains and 39 out of 91 cleared the IIT Advance round, all  supported by GAIL (India) Ltd as part of its CSR intervention – Utkarsh, in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh.  These students come from rural backgrounds whose parents are small/tiny farmers or are daily wage earners and have done their schooling from government schools.

As part of the intervention, every year 100 meritorious students from economically underprivileged background from U P & M P are screened through a rigorous process of written test and interviews. Once the students are finalised, these students are provided a free residential coaching and mentoring scholarship programme for 11 months.  The part scholarship is continued to students who make it to the IITs for the entire duration of 4 years.

Vivek from Varanasi says, “I come from a small village near Varanasi which is far away from the city. My father is a small farmer and his income did not permit me to afford private coaching.   One day my fortune took a turn as I came to know about GAIL Utkarsh SUPER 100 through my favorite teacher. I sat for the test and cleared the interview.  Thanks to Abhyanand Sir for his able guidance and mentoring, I cleared the IIT entrance exam.  I am grateful to CSRL and GAIL for this unique programme. I would certainly do my best to return to society in whatever way I can.May God give this program a long life, so that less fortunate students like me also get a chance to transform their life forever!”

The stories narrated by the students indeed touch the heart. As part of its CSR efforts GAIL has spent close to Rs. 91 crores in the last fiscal. Utkarsh is a unique flagship programme of GAIL in the education thrust area.


True Story of a CHAMPION

While the nation seeks a better a better future, its the youth who hold the foundations of the brighter tomorrow being anticipated. Here is a true story of a champion who did not give up when knocked down by life but instead bounced back with a bang


Apar Tiwari – (GAIL Utkarsh Super 30 – 2009 – 2010) – IIT Varanasi – (Mechanical Engineering)


‘A lesson learnt, a career achieved’

As I look back to my school days, I remember that I wasn’t much into studies. I preferred watching TV and being involved in sports activities. I belong to a middle class family. My parents always tried to make me understand the importance of a good career but I couldn’t drive myself to study in those initial days. However, taking the Cyber Olympiad in 6th standard made me realize where I stood when it came to knowledge – nowhere. As such, I couldn’t even secure a satisfactory position in the Olympiad even at the district level. I used to think I was far better than others, but the results said otherwise. I felt as if I was standing at the bottom and others were moving to the top, though my parents and my sisters encouraged me a lot. It was because of their efforts that I was finally able to recognize my potential. When I was in 9th standard, my father expired and the entire burden fell on my mother. I started paying attention to my studies but one thing that persisted in my mind was on improving my knowledge without worrying about my class rank. I got an opportunity to be a part of my school NCC team, where I gave my 100 percent as I felt it is most important to be sincere and dedicated to whatever one takes up. I qualified for mains level in NTSE and scored 92% in 10th standard. It was around that time that I decided to be an engineer and set my sight on IIT. However, it was during my preparations that I realized that the method of study was wrong. Coaching basically meant making students cram the entire study material, ignoring individual capability. This was very upsetting. Then I came to know about the Super 30 coaching sponsored by GAIL India limited in co-operation with CSRL. Here the teaching pattern was totally different. I wouldn’t even call it coaching. In fact, it was more like a home for me where I was provided proper guidance by well experienced and talented teachers. The approach was basic and simple but the result was undoubtedly awesome. The IIT aspirants just need to be conceptual and this is a prominent feature of the Super 30 art of teaching. Today, I am most content. My father is not here to see me, but he would have been proud to see me an IITian.My mother, sisters, maternal uncles and two of my true friends never let me feel his absence. I express my deep gratitude to Abhayanand Sir, Krishnamurti Sir, Chandra Sir and Phurkan Sir and the whole GAIL and CSRL team for their tremendous efforts and the patience they showed for me, enabling me reach this successful station in life.

Apar continuously maintained a CGPA of 8+ and has secured 133 score in GATE examination. Now he has also secured 1st position in SAIL Management Trainee exam. GAIL is proud of him and wishes him all the best for the future.

We hope that with project Utkarsh we keep on helping talents like Apar in the future too.


Project Utkarsh

It gives us immense pleasure in sharing that for the current year 2013-14, 91 out of 100 students of GAIL-UTKARSH Project have qualified in IIT/JEE Mains Exam. These students are now eligible to appear for IIT Advance Examination. Our heartfelt congratulations to these students and best wishes for the IIT Advance Exam.
GAIL UTKARSH is a flagship Corporate CSR initiative of GAIL (India) Limited under which free residential specialized coaching for IIT/Engineering Entrance exam to students of underprivileged section from remote regions of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and other regions of the country is provided. The programme provides all cost towards tutorials, food and lodging and holistic mentoring to prepare the beneficiaries for competing in the coveted IIT/ JEE and other competitive exams for the engineering discipline. Over the last three years, the alumni of this programme have secured admissions in Premier Engineering Institutions of the country including IITs, NITs, ISRO and other highly reputed Engineering Colleges. The programme creates win all situation for these students and the country in general as the students who have the potential but lack the means are facilitated and supported to achieve their dream and they in turn contribute to the country’s growth as a part of the educated work force of the country.