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Supply- Demand Energy Gap

Natural gas can help bridge the supply demand energy gap in the country

Did you know that the natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and  highly efficient form of energy?

It is quite useful in bridging the supply demand energy gap in the country and its advantages by far supercede any other natural energy source.

Natural gasʼs combustion results in lot less pollution and  has fewer impurities. According to American Gas Association, “  Technological progress allows cleaner energy production than ever for all fuels, although the inherent cleanliness of gas means that environmental controls on gas equipment, if required, tend to be far less expensive than those for other fuels.”

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Natural Gas: Highest calorific value

Calorific Value of a fuel is the amount of energy produced by a unit mass of the fuel on its combustion.
Natural Gas is at the top of the table at 13Kcal/g followed by Propane and Butane at 11.9 and 11.8 Kcal/g, respectively. And Gasoline ranks fourth at 11.3Kcal/g.
Clearly Natural Gas is one of the most efficient source of energy which has not been utilised to it’s full potential!


Cellphones to be charged with sound

On a quest for optimum utilisation of abundant energy around us, a group of scientist have been successful in converting the sound of traffic, roar in stadium, music, or the conversation on phone itself into electricity.

Utilising zinc oxide nanorods, a team of Queen Mary’s University and Microsoft were successful to create a prototype device similar the size of Nokia Lumia 925 that generates 5 volt of electricity, sufficient enough to charge a mobile phone.


India and Renewables

As per a report published on the economist, only 2% of India’s land should suffice for generating 100% of electricity required through renewable sources like wind and solar.

The report also mentioned, at the current rate of business, it might take the world approximately 200 years to get all the electricity it needs through renewable sources, but by bringing down the cost to the level, as it is currently in China, this figure could be reduced down to 40 years.

Is not it an amazing fact to inspire us towards sustainable development.  Share your views in the comments section below.

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I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy

Following is an infographic created by Zachary Sahan, highlighting average savings in 20 years by harvesting solar energy at home in some of the most populous states in USA, as well as in Hawaii, which has the greatest average savings per project.



Gamification of Greenification

PepsiCo is targeting to take the U.S. beverage recycling rate to 50 percent by 2018. To achieve this target, they have created the Dream Machine, a recycling initiative. This innovative and interactive kiosk will be installed in campuses.  For every bottle or tin can students put in the recycle machine, they will receive reward points to redeem for prizes, including local entertainment, dining, and more.

It is really a cool way to make our planet cool. What do you think? Please leave your comments below.



From Cigarette Butts to high performance battery

According to an estimate, about 5.6 million used cigarettes are littered away into the environment, causing environmental hazard. A South Korean, group of scientists have found a way to stop this. They not only stop this, but they are making good use of it.

They found that the cigarette butt that is mostly composed of cellulose acetate can easily be changed into a carbon-based material that out-performs common materials used in energy storage devices.  The researchers were able to do it by a simple burning technique called pyrolysis.

This material can be used to coat the electrodes in electronics like computers, smartphones, and even wind mills.


Natural gas has no smell

Natural gas originally has no smell, but if you smell rotten eggs, it could be a gas leak, the smell is artificially added to it for your safety.

Natural gas has no smell

Natural gas has no smell


India becomes 5th largest wind energy producer

Congratulations to all of us! We have become world’s fifth largest wind energy producer.

This news is just an indication that we are on the right track. Although, we need to dedicate more of our energy towards harnessing these unlimited source of energy to fuel our country’s growth.

Current production of wind energy annually is approximately 3,000 MW, which is marginally behind Denmark, which has a total installed capacity of 3,117 MW, according to a recent World Wind Energy Association report).  India had a growth rate of more than 40% over last year.

Although, it may sound fantastic, but the fact is, we still have tapped only 7% of the total potential capacity, i.e., 45,000 MW.


Solar Refrigerators

Can solar refrigerators and air conditioners cool down electricity bill

Dear Readers,

According to a report by CEEW and WWF-India, we can significantly reduce peak-load demand on the electric grid, especially during the day time, by using ‘Solar air conditioning and refrigeration system.’


As per another report, it has been stated that the electricity generation cost by solar has gone down upto 60%, and by 2017 it will obtain what is called as “Grid Parity,” i.e., it will be equivalent to the cost of electricity produced via coal and other thermal power plants.

We will bring you more news that assures you that “Tomorrow is yours.”

If you have some ideas, feedback, or just a simple hi to say, please leave your voice in the comments section below.


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Introducing rocket science in your kitchen

Dear GAIL Voice subscribers,

You must be wondering, why are we bringing in rocket science into your kitchen, and the answer to your question is, to help you save lots of gas (read money) and time (read peace) while you are cooking in your kitchen.

This happened, when a renowned rocket scientist, Thomas Povey, from Oxford University, was trying to boil water on mountains. The wait for the water to boil was so long and boring, that he thought of utilizing this time to think of an innovative idea, he introduced rocket like fins to the sauce pan, to rectify the aerodynamic and heat transfer problem that the traditional sauce pans have.

The result was astonishing, saving more than 40% of energy, as compared to the traditional pans, while at the same time, it boiled water fairly quickly.

Natural gas saving pan

Natural gas saving pan

I hope you enjoyed this interesting story, of our #EnergyHeroes, if you have a similar story to share, or you have any feedback for us, feel free to drop in a few lines, under the comment sections below.


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Power of Sunlight

One hour of sunlight that reaches the earth can resolve the Worlds energy demand for an entire year! There are huge tones of energy going waste which needs to be harnessed in proper manner to make the country energy sufficient nation. The solar energy received in one hour is sufficient for one year!