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Shri Subir Purkayastha joins as Director (Finance), GAIL

New Delhi, May 01, 2015: Shri Subir Purkayastha today took over as Director (Finance) of GAIL (India) Limited. A Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by professional qualification, Shri Subir Purkayastha has a rich experience of nearly 30 years in the areas of Corporate Finance and Treasury including Forex Risk Management, Capital Budgeting, Corporate Budgets, Corporate Accounts, Finalization of Long Term LNG and Gas Agreements, Liquefaction and Regasification Terminal Service Agreement, Shareholders Agreements and Joint Ventures Agreement etc.

Prior to his appointment as Director (Finance), he held the position of Executive Director (Finance & Accounts) in GAIL. Additionally, Shri Subir Purkayastha also holds the position of Director in GAIL Gas (USA) Inc., Ratnagiri Gas and Power Pvt. Ltd (RGPPL) and TAPI Pipeline Company Limited. He joined GAIL in 1985 as a Finance Officer and rose to the position of Executive Director. Having joined in the early stages of the company, he was part and parcel of the growth trajectory of the Company.

As Executive Director (Finance), besides heading Corporate Finance and Treasury section in large mobilisation of funds from domestic and international markets and taking investment decisions in large infrastructure projects, he was also actively involved in Investor relations and interactions with Analysts fraternity. Besides serving a long tenure at the GAIL corporate office, he was on secondment to Petronet LNG Ltd., during its formative years from 1998 to 2002. During his stint at Petronet LNG, he was actively engaged in the selection of LNG supplier and finalisation of first ever LNG supply agreement in the country viz with Ras Gas, Qatar, Time Charter Agreement with Japanese Shipping consortium and EPC contract for construction of Dahej re-gasification terminal. Thereafter, he was posted at GAIL’s largest manufacturing unit viz petrochemical plant at Pata, U.P. for 4 years. It was during his stint in Petrochemicals Unit at GAIL, Pata he introduced e-budget for preparation and control of capital and revenue budget of the Unit.

Shri Subir Purkayastha is an avid reader and in his spare time often reads on topics related to finance, management and leadership. He is also fond of old Hindi melodies.


Yamunanagar To Be Connected With The Natural Gas Network

Recently Haryana Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC), has announced that it has permitted GAIL to lay almost four kilometers of pipeline within the Old industrial area to provide natural gas to residents of Yamunanagar.

The network by GAIL will provide this gas to entrepreneurs in the area, which can be used for heating and cooling purposes, an official release said here today.
Read the full article here:

Courtesy of the economic times of India via PTI


Waste to Diesel

In a brilliant feat of scientific innovation GAIL in partnership with CSIR-IIP (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – Indian Institute of Petroleum) have been able to convert broken buckets, mugs, toothpaste tubes, bottle caps and other polyolefin products into the cleanest grade of diesel.

GAIL and CSIR-IIP to hold the patent for this unusual discovery.

Announcing this in Dehradun today, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Science and Technology and Vice President, CSIR, laid out the roadmap for further exploitation of opportunities in alternative fuel sources. The country’s premier research establishment in hydrocarbons has achieved significant success in reducing national dependence on fossil fuels.

“I have myself campaigned on the streets of Delhi against pollution and plastic proliferation. Today, I am glad to announce that diesel conforming to Euro-5 specifications in sulphur content has become a reality thanks to the CSIR-IIP and GAIL’s diligence and ingenuity”, he said.

The Minister elaborated: “We are the first to have the capability to convert 1 tonne of broken buckets, mugs, toothpaste tubes, bottle caps and other polyolefin products into 850 litres of the cleanest grade of diesel. This is the best news yet for the planet this year because henceforth plastic waste will be viewed more as a resource than a nuisance”.

With this technology, the Indian Railways is soon to set up plants to manufacture diesel for mechanical traction.



#GAILBreatheFree contest

With the future of our world being negatively affected by climate change and air pollution, lets make a change this Earth Day for the better.

Participate in our #GAILBreatheFree contest
Today | 12pm – 6pm
And tell us how you plan to contribute to mitigate the harmful effects of air pollution.

The best entry #wins GAIL goodies

So what are you waiting for? Start Thinking!

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The successes of the talented Shri H S Cheema, shaping the Oil and Gas Industry of India

Shri H S Cheema has been known for accomplishing many great things for the Oil and Gas Sector in India. During his tenure at GAIL as the first ever chairmen, Shri Cheema was heralded for setting up and maintaining the first pipeline in northern India, known as the Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur (HVJ) pipeline. The pipeline created a vital link for transportation of natural gas between the distribution center and the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Shri H S Cheema was born on the 2nd of May 1931, completed his bachelors of engineering from Poona, mechanical engineering from the Royal Technical College, Glasgow and then in 1983 he become a fellow at the Institute of Engineers in India. Armed with an advanced and diverse education, he went on to hold prestigious positions with various organizations such as ONGC, Oil India Limited, Asian Development Bank, Engineers India Limited and Gas Authority of India. Shri Cheema made many in-roads towards developing the oil and gas sector in India. He was responsible for all the oil, LPG and gas productions on behalf of ONGC during the years of 1986 – 1989. A notable achievement is that he was credited with raising the oil production from 27 MMT per year to 34 MMT per year in 1989. A few other achievements are;

·      Responsible for major drilling operations in the east coast of India

·      Record time to complete a pipeline project between Uran to Trombay Butcher island ( 18 months)

·      Planning and design of the super tanker oil terminal and dry dock at Cochin port

·      Construction of the worlds largest oil terminal at Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

·      Publications of many books and journals

To know more about Shri Cheema, click here.


Air Quality Index

The Indian government has unveiled a plan to measure the air quality throughout India. The Air Quality Index is active in 10 cities currently, with plans for it to be implemented nationally. The index measures for a number of chemicals, namely; Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Sulfur Dioxide (SO), Carbon monoxide (CO), Ozone (O3), Ammonia (NH3), Lead (Pb), fine particles known as PM2.5 and dust particles known as PM10. The air quality index is hailed as a step on the right path to curbing air pollution. Live information about the air quality in your area can be viewed online here


World Health Day

This world health day lets look back to see how we as an organization and a community have been able to keep our society healthy– both physically & mentally.We have facilitated preventive health check-ups for more than 2800 of our employees in the last FY. In addition, fifteen health camps and talks were organized for the benefit of our employees at various work centres. Another initiative, project “Arogya” organized by us, involved mobile medical units to travel within the remote areas of Pata and Vijaipur with the aim of providing basic healthcare to the extended community. As an energy company, one of our long term goals are to raise awareness about basic wellbeing and self-care in communities we are connected with. By providing medical healthcare to more than 8 lac people till now through our CSR programmes, we address our goals as a company and as a nation.So here’s wishing everyone a very healthy year ahead !


GAIL wins Excellence in Advertising Award for social and digital advertising

GAIL wins Excellence in Advertising Award for social and digital advertising

Gail (India) Ltd. was awarded the excellence in advertising award in the category of digital/social advertising by the Delhi Advertising Club for the campaign ‘GAIL The Fastest Indian‘ beating 28 other entries to the finish line.

The award was received on behalf of Gail (India) Ltd. by their online agency AirAds Ltd. and MSLGROUP jointly.

Milkha Singh and his achievements inspired ‘GAIL The Fastest Indian’, a campaign run from September till January 2015 where we set out to find 12-14 year olds, who have the potential to take India to the 2020 Olympics. While the hunt took place in 19 cities over 20 events, all to achieve 1 dream, we took to promoting the path breaking campaign online to connect and spread awareness of ‘GAIL- The Fastest Indian’. The event was driven through a microsite and social media, spreading awareness, building conversations and motivating citizens.

A contest was put together for the duration of the campaign, driven through the microsite, where we invited people to come and vote for the city they think is the fastest, building a connect between the idea and the event. A number of twitter contests were also run with the theme ‘fastest’ while in turn spreading the word.

Through the duration, digitally we attained 29,00,000 Facebook Impressions, 41,09,627 Twitter Impressions and 4,50,000 Views on the Microsite.

The hunt through 19 cities witnessed 7,600 participants from 19 cities across India where children from all walks of life and various schools, registered and competed amongst one another, moving a step closer to winning the big dream for India. 48 finalists where chosen to then compete to identify 6 champions. The final leg of the race was conducted at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi in January 2015.

The champions will be trained by international coaches and groomed into the nations top athletes to compete in the 2020 Olympics.

Although the campaign concluded in December it was just the beginning!

Delhi Advertising Club is an amalgamation of advertising stakeholders, which holds annual awards for a multitude of categories in the areas of advertising. The club was incepted over 40 years ago priding itself on transparency of awards and raising the bar on concepts.

GAIL (India) Ltd. is India’s No. 1 Natural Gas Company as well as the Fastest Growing Maharatna. GAIL deals with Natural Gas and its entire value chain which includes Gas exploration, distribution, marketing, processing and City Gas Distribution.


Here are few snapshots from the campaign

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5 Types Of People Who Believe In Fake Recruitment Ads

From time to time people posing as GAIL, representatives post fake recruitment ads to lure people – these adverts ask for money as application fee. Here are the kinds of people who believe in these ads and get duped!

1. Logo believers

“If it has a logo it must be real”.

For me nothing else matters. All I see is the logo and all I believe is the logo.

2. Career investors

“Nothing is free”.

A big ‘application fee’ makes sense for my kind. My belief – larger the position, the more you have to pay.

3. Fast and furious

“i need to get a job and i need to get it fast”.

I don’t read the details and I apply to as many applications as I can. Because you know – brute force works.

4. The sheep

“We go with the flow”.

Why worry about checking authenticity. If they are, then I should too!


“I’m convinced!”

You just need to speak, I am waiting here to believe.


Some Markers Of A Real GAIL Recruitment Advertisement.

1. The advertisement will be available on the careers section of the official GAIL website –
2. GAIL does not charge a fee for applying for any position.

3. GAIL recruitment ads will always have detailed contact information, in the print advertisement or in the detailed advertisement online.

If you encounter and advertisement that seems fishy, please mail us at or

Our official notice on Fake advertisements


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Fake recruitment ads

From time to time people posing as GAIL representatives post fake recruitment ads to lure people – these adverts ask for money as application fee. 

Some markers of a real GAIL recruitment advertisement.

1. The advertisement will be available on the careers section of the official GAIL website – 
2. GAIL does not charge a fee for applying for any position.

3. GAIL recruitment ads will always have detailed contact information, in the print advertisement or in the detailed advertisement online.

If you encounter and advertisement that seems fishy, please mail us at or

Our official notice on Fake advertisements 


GAIL and RSPCL sign MoU

Rajasthan and GAIL (India) Ltd. have worked together to bring natural gas to the people of Rajasthan. In this pursuit Rajasthan State Petroleum Corporation (A subsidiary of Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited) & GAIL GAS Limited (A subsidiary of GAIL India Ltd.)  came together to form RSPCL-GAIL GAS Ltd.

RSPCL-GAIL GAS Ltd. recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rajasthan Industrial and Investment Corporation Limited  at Jaipur to expand the Natural Gas downstream distribution network in the state of Rajasthan. 

Recently Govt. of Rajasthan published the first advertisement  declaring Rajasthan State Gas Limited as a nodal player for setting retail gas infrastructure.


Securing India’s Energy Independence

Today with our partners, we are paving the way forward for India’s energy independence. Watch how we highlight our commitment towards sustainable growth with forward thinking, by setting strong foundations with international companies to secure India’s place as regional processing hub. Fueled by exceptional management and strategy, India has become a net exporter of natural gas which has lead to worldwide recognition of India and its energy partners, in the role of sustainable energy and green energy. With community initiatives like #TomorrowIsYours, a TV series aimed at helping rural India achieve their entrepreneurial sprits and dreams, women empowerment and basic learning and development classes, we are sustainably securing India’s energy independence.