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Overcoming the challenge

RGPPL LNG terminal at Dabhol has successfully discharged LNG ship Iberica Knutsen on 24.11.2013 i.e. after a gap of six months from the last unloaded cargo due to Monsoon.


Speaking on the occasion, Shri A K Jana, Dy MD, RGPPL said that “it was the sixth successful unloading of the LNG cargos since commissioning in Jan’2013 after overcoming the challenges associated with revival and commissioning of abandoned assets of Enron era.”

As on date, global LNG suppliers like Gazprom, GdF, Shell, Sonatrach and GnF have successfully brought their cargos at Dabhol terminal and delighted with the overall experience of terminal operations, he added further. Now the terminal has acceptance of British Gas, Ras Gas and Nigeria LNG after technical due diligence.

In order to ensure throughout the year operations, RGPPL targets to complete the breakwater on priority. For which, award of Contract is likely to be placed in Jan 2014 to ensure completion before the onset of Monsoon of 2016. On completion, terminal would be able to handle more than 80 Cargos in a year.”


Dy MD of RGPPL further elaborated that “For best utilization of terminal, GAIL being India’s number one gas company has been engaged as comercial opertor on tollling basis and the terminal is well connected with the GAIL gas grid.


A Boost to LPG exports: 2 bn cubic feet of Gas per day

The Barzan Gas Project in Qatar is all set to begin by 2014. The project is at an estimate of 10.3 Billion dollars. With this project in place, Qatar is said to produce an additional 500,000 tons of LPG a year. This extra production will be a great boost to the LPG exports.

Currently as far as exports are concerned, the Gulf State’s total exports of LPG amount to 11 million tons per year. It is correctly one of the largest LPG exporters in the world. Thus becoming a pioneer in the gas industry, the state of Qatar is a world leader in LNG. IN numbers Qatar produces almost 77 Million tonnes of LNG each year.

The Barzan project will be completed in 2 phases wherein train 1 will come on stream by 2015 and Train 2 by 2015. The drilling platform that will supply the plant will be located 80km northeast of Ras Laffan Industrial City. The trains together will supply 2 billion standard cubic feet of gas per day. Qatar has also developed 2 World scale “gas-to-liquid” emerging as the ‘gas-to-liquids’ capital of the world.


CWC 14th World LNG Summit, November 18th-21st, 2013

CWC group of companies is organising the 14th Annual World LNG Summit and award gala night from 18th to 21st November 2013 in Paris. The objective remains to become a strategic partner to the government delegations and the energy industry in the emerging markets.

The CWC group organizes the World LNG summit each year, with the one coming up in November being the 14th summit. The summit is among the many events and seminars organized by CWC. This particular LNG summit is a platform where LNG professionals from across the world assemble. The main area of focus in the summit is the display and discusses the key developments in the industry along with connecting the LNG buyers to the LNG sellers.


The past LNG summit that was held in Barcelona saw approximately a gathering of 500 delegates worldwide. The discussions revolve around the LNG markets and various technical innovations, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of the market. The key theme of discussion for the 2012 summit was the foreseen growth in supply and demand of LNG by 2025. Likewise in 2013 the summit will be “key drivers for Global LNG business”.

Key highlights

Some of the key highlights to be discussed in the summit will be:

  • Rigorous pricing challenge for the new LNG supply. Demand and supply predictions for future.
  • Asian import of LNG in the current global scenario and where would it reach by 2020
  • Japan’s long term energy plans and LNG demand in the next ten year.
  • Growth of LNG industry in India and China
  • Prospects for Canadian and U.S. LNG projects.
  • LNG as a marine fuel by 2020 : Potential and possibility


GAIL (India) Limited is a proud sponsor of the CWC WLNG summit 2013. The summit helps GAIL to get closer towards its mission “To accelerate and optimize the effective and economic use of Natural Gas and its fractions for the benefit of the national economy.”

Gail has been working hard to achieve every bit of its commitment towards a better tomorrow along with being a natural gas company in India and has now shifted its focus to a global prospect as well.

GAIL amongst others would be hosting the 9th Annual LNG Award Gala Dinner on 19th of November 2013. On behalf of GAIL (India) Limited, Mr B.C. Tripathi, would be addressing the audience during the summit.


Don’t hurry, GO FAST!

Now there is another reason to drop the keys of your car in the morning. There is another way to dodge the messy traffic jams. The new rapid metro is here.

Gurgaon’s rapid metro happens to be India’s first fully privately financed metro. It will connect the Delhi metro to the corporate hub of Gurgaon, Cyber city with a 5.1 km route subsisting 6 stations.delhi metro

Rapid metro route and stations.

The Rapid metro would bring great respite to daily office commuters and the residents of cyber city.

So now you don’t need to hurry to the office through traffic congestion, when you have a rapid alternative.



Size does matter!

Østerild, Denmark is currently the testing ground for giant offshore wind turbine with world’s longest rotor blades each of which measures 75 m in length. Just to provide you with a better idea of the measurement, its mandatory to inform you that each of the blades measures almost as wide as wingspan of an airbus A380. When in motion, each of the rotors covers 18,600 square meters; size of two and a half soccer fields.


The blade’s tip can race at an amazing speed of 290 km/hr. The blades are made of glass fiber-reinforced epoxy resin and balsa wood; making them 20% lighter than commonly manufactured blades.


These robust wind turbines generate up to six megawatts of power which is enough to light up 6,000 households. The gigantic turbines are set to cover British coasts in the coming time as well.



Natural gas: Predicting the future since 1400 B.C.

In the ancient times the “Oracle of Delphi” was considered as the centre of the earth. It was also the most imperative shrine in ancient Greece. A home to “Pythia”, mouthpiece of Apollo answered to the pilgrimage that came to her doorsteps. Pythia was a role filled by different women who acted as a medium through which Apollo spoke. Her answers determined when the farmers can plant their crops and when can an empire declare war.


According to the legend, Pythia was in a frantic state engendered by the vapours, rising from the chasm in the rock beneath her.


Later the studies revealed the gases rising from the fissure of the rock were natural gases, and it induced a thrilling and stimulating effect on Pythia who inhaled it.



Asia: The emerging market of natural gas

Asia is one of the biggest market of natural gas. With the tremendous economic development in the continent, the demand for a cleaner and more cost effective fuel is also set to rise. According to International Energy Agency (IEA), Asia would emerge as world’s second largest gas market in a couple of years.

This trend has already been set with China’s augmentation of usage of natural gas at a remarkable rate since 2000. The dragon land is aggressively focusing on domestic gas production to meet the nation’s enormous demand for gas.

Apart from China, the demand for natural gas from other dominant trading countries is also predicted to be hefty and many more nations from the continent are expected to join the league soon. Developing countries, including India are set to play a key role in the global energy market and provide considerable contribution in the growth of natural gas industry.

Presently India is ranked sixth in terms of energy demand. The nation’s economy is projected to grow at a rate of 7-8% in the coming decade and so would the demand for natural gas. The focus has already been shifted from importing gas to domestic exploration and production. The demand is anticipated to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 4.2% and it may tower to 1,111 billion cubic metres (bcm) by 2035 from the present level of 450 bcm.

There have been a lot of developments in the Asian gas market with prospects for more growth in the future. AGPS is one such platform that provides all the crucial information on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of the Asian gas market. Click on the link below to know more about AGPS and asiatic natural gas market  (


A merger for a better tomorrow

In an attempt to reduce prices for re-gasified liquefied natural gas (R-LNG) users and encourage its use, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has come up with a proposal. The proposal aims at pooling in together domestic and imported gas for the non-priority sector.

According to a senior petroleum ministry official “We are looking into a possibility of pooling re-gasified liquefied natural gas (R-LNG) with domestic natural gas. This would lead to a reduction in prices for them (the intended users) and would encourage them to use more R-LNG,”

The government is processing the proposal to provide pooled gas to stranded power plants. The objective of the proposal will be to increase the productivity of the plants. The power generation capacity of the plants is 16,374 Mw; but because of the gas shortage at 72 mscmd, the plants are operating at a 24% load.

With the introduction of the new policy it is believed that consumers would be encouraged to use natural gas with it’s cheaper price and vast reach.



Odisha: The new energy capital

The Nation’s largest natural gas processing and distribution company, GAIL India limited has entered into a contract with Paradip Port Trust (PPT). The agreement includes setting up of a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) inside Paradip port. The initial capacity of the terminal is estimated to be 4 million tonne per annum (mtpa) and which is expected to be commissioned by 2017.

In the next phase, GAIL intends to extend the terminal capacity upto 8-10 MMTPA.  The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between GAIL and PPT in presence of Union Minister for Shipping Mr. G K Vasan.

The project is believed to set the future course of ODISHA economically along with making it ENERGY secure. Mr. Sekhara Mishra, PPT chairman said the FSRU at Paradip port will position both Paradip and Odisha on the global map of LNG business. This FSRU terminal will cater to the requirement of eastern, western and central parts of the country. Mr. G K Vasan also added  that the completion of this project will position Odisha on the global LNG map, heralding a new area in industrial development and employment generation and economic upliftment of the nation as a whole.

India is the fourth largest consumer of Natural Gas and projects like these would certainly help the country to become an Energy secure Nation.



Uniform pricing of CNG across the nation

Natural gas prices may soon be priced uniformly all across the country soon. The ministry of petroleum and natural gas has proposed to have equivalent prices for compressed natural gas.

cng-stationAccording to a senior ministry official “We are working on a proposal that would make CNG prices uniform across the country,”. The  basic objective is to pool imported gas networks with the domestic ones.

This will eradicate the price differences in major cities across the nation.