1 GAIL employee = 1 plant

At GAIL India nature & development share the same stage. GAIL India takes step to a greener tomorrow by giving back to nature!  All Employees embedded with these values took the initiative to plant atleast one sapling which accounted to more than 4000 plantations! This opened the gates for nature and development to grow standing beside each other. GAIL India shall always put its best foot forward for nature & development to go hand in hand. 

20 thoughts on “1 GAIL employee = 1 plant”

  1. I think it’s a nice initiative to secure our future(for generations) and enhanced longevity of mother earth. We understand the consequence of Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Disaster where the plant was country’s pride before the tsunami triggered .It’s not yet late but let’s begin before it ends..

  2. Deepak Kumar Varshney

    Fossil fuel are emitting CO2 and tending to deplete soon…. and only option to replenish both is plantation to the extent that no part of earth remain uncovered by green plants….

  3. Really great. I feel proud to support this program 1 GAIL employee = 1 plant. Also ensure that these newly planted trees receive appropriate care

  4. We Understand the same and ensure that our actions not only contributes towards energy security of the Nation but also towards mother Earth.

  5. kuch pane ke liye kuch khona bhi padega… as every process has some bi-product so the developement process also does. but we can minimize the bi-product

  6. Mere planting trees will not solve the purpose. Lets ‘s all adopt a tree till it matures and bears fruits. This is the only way we can have sustainable development.

  7. Everyone should come forward for this cause then only we can payback at least some part of our MATRA RINA (मातृ ऋण) towards mother earth .

  8. it is the one of best thing to do the platation on the the it helps the envirornment clean an d reduce the polution increase the oxygen.Trees are lungs of the planet, breathe corbon dioxide and breatheout the oxygen and they additionally habitite the the birds and other animals also.O2 is one of the major contributing elements to the greenhouse effect. Trees trap CO2 from the atmosphere and make carbohydrates that are used for plant growth.
    Every body have to educate our children plantion of trees use of plantion and environmental same for future generation.

  9. Manoj Kumar Chauhan

    पृथ्वी एक ऐसा अम्रत रूपी पात्र है जिसमें से हम अपने जीवनयापन की हर चीजें (जल, प्राकृतिक र्इंधन, फल-फूल इत्यादि) निकाल तो लेते हैं लेकिन बदले मे लौटाते है कारखानों का प्रदूषित जल, ई-कचरा इत्यादि…..चलिऐ गेल के इस शुभ कदम से कदम मिलाते हुऐ अपनी इस पृथ्वी माँ को लौटाते है एक हरा-भरा पौधा…. (1GAIL Employee = 1 Plant)

  10. Fully agree with Sri Patni. Just planting is a formality. Every year numbers of plant planted in GAIL, in various occasion and during dignitaries visit but How many of plantation get matured ……

  11. Umakant Tripathi

    we have developed a 8 acres river side farm house at Narsinghpur M.P . We planted 2000 guava fruit plants in year 2009. All the guvava trees now giving aboundace fruiting. This year we are again going to plant another 2000 plants. we are trying to make our farm house a bird sanctuary.
    I GAIL EMPLOYEE = 1 PLANT is a very good move to attached employees with the mother Earth.

  12. Plants and Trees are not greedy, and are not selfish.
    Plant one tree, nurture it to grow, it will pay you back much more than you can think, and that also for free.
    In case we do not ‘wake up’ now, it is not far when we shall have to pay for breathing pure air.

  13. Green signature shall bring a sense of ownership that has somewhere lost in the dusty storm of competition and industrial chaos. Own a sapling, let it grow and reap a future that will be greener than today.

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