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    A provision of cyclone separator/Bag filters must be made in a specific area besides road but in regular interval depending upon the capacity of filters. The area must be restricted to public . This will help to atleast reduce some amount of pollutant to some extent.


    Govt. should involve some industries to prepare for the same. There would definitely be a proposal for the same.

  3. I wish to mitigate the harmful effects of pollution by performing Daily Morning yoga in local park. also I will encourage the same to my friends and colleagues.

  4. Shalini S Prasad

    Air pollution needs to checked 360 degree around us. I as an individual try to contribute through my personal efforts by following simple rules and putting in some efforts like:
    @ Home: Putting in indoor plants in rooms and planting small plants in my balcony.I avoid to over cook which leads to exhaustion of harmful gases.Take a walk in garden in the morning and inhale fresh air.

    @Outside home: Maximum time I indulge in car pooling and decrease my carbon footprint and at times when its not possible to do so , I prefer taking a public transport instead of an auto or my individual vehicle. This helps me to refrain from outside pollution. And if at all I need to be in open I prefer to put on an mask especially at peak traffic hours.

  5. 1.Cleaning of roads & streets in Capital region should be done & then maintained. This will reduce the concentration of dust/suspended particles in the air. For this mechanized equipment should be used. I will make it point that I will not make roads dirty & also advise my friends to follow the same.
    2. encourage the use of car pool for office. I am & will always try to be a member of a car pool.
    3. Electricity saving in house. This will lead to reduction in use of other means like DG set etc. to get power & will ultimately result in reduction of pollution in environment.
    4. Plantation of trees. I have already planted a number of trees & will continue doing the same. I will also encourage my friends to do the same.

  6. 1. Planting more trees.
    2. Using Eco friendly fuel like CNG and other eco-friendly products.
    3. Car pooling
    4. Prevent idle running of vehicle at red lights
    5. Training and educating others
    6. Better vehicle maintenance to ensure good fuel efficiency
    7. Geeting regular pollution control checks for the vehicles
    8. Conserving energy
    9. Reduce vehicle usage by walking or cycling to short distances
    10. Encoraging colleagues and children to follow above guidelines
    11. Stop burning of waste in open atmosphere
    12. Spreading awareness

  7. Srinibash Mishra

    CNG happens to be a low pollutant vehicle fuel. But due to levy of Excise Duty and High rate of VAT in various states it not so attractive for conversion of vehicle to CNG. In real sense, CNG is nothing but natural gas in a compressed form and practically not a real manufacturing process. GAIL being a Maharatna Company, a representation be made by GAIL to Central Govt. to at least waive the CNG from the purview of applicability of Excise Duty which will make it more lucrative for the end consumers. It may also be noted that feeling the importance of CNG, the Govt. has already allocated Domestic Gas for CNG Sectors.
    A little push in this direction may have a great impact on the drive being initiated by our Company.

  8. I keep my vehicle properly checked and serviced and PUC check periodically done so that my vehicle is not contributing to the air pollution. To mitigate the harmful effect of air pollution, I believe that only way left with mankind is to go green. I tender my plants at home and I strongly discourage anyone causing hurt or harm to the trees or plants. My wife takes time to teach small children that they should not harm the plants and trees.

  9. By propagating Effective use of Technology, practising Yoga, Pranayam, spreading awareness and lastly by a pledge to breathe only clean air and nothing else.


    To mitigate the harmful effects of pollution, As a human beings we should not prepare extra food items in our families. Normally, so many food items are prepared to show the status of the individuals during the functions. we have to think about the wastage of food and effect of pollution on the earth. Secondly, every one has to clean their surroundings as well as their own body. Thirdly, Government should plan underground drainage systems for 100% of the earth on the world.

  11. Kuldeep Sundaria

    One should avoid personal vehicles and use public transportation. Efforts shall be made to enhance use of public transportation.

    • Conservation of energy by turning off appliances and lights when leave the room.
    • Outdoor light connection to a timer /by use solar lighting.



  14. Reduce, Recollect, Reprocess, Reutilize, Recycle
    Plant a tree on birthday of each family member and guard it
    Use public transport more often and walk whenever possible and encourage others to do same
    Reduce unnecessary use of lights, fans and other electrical appliances at home and office
    Buy high energy star rated products

  15. 1) Discourage / ban driving of vehicles / car on alternate days on basis of odd / even number plate numbers in a week.(Even number vehicles on Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc.)
    2) Encourage travelling in public transport system.
    3) Identify the employees (GAIL) coming in public transport system and give some kind of reward.
    4) Ban travelling in car / scooter by a single individual.

    Put ban on certain vehicles on number plate bearing numbers for GAIL employees also on alternate days, i.e. bring a start at GAIL level itself.

  16. To control air pollution, we need to first identify the three biggest culprits, viz. (1) Emanation of toxic gases by industries (2) Exhaust from automobiles (3) Power plants which burn huge quantity of fossil fuels. Consequently, a stringent quality control and imposition of heavy penalty on the erring industries for flouting norms, minimizing use of automobiles or switching to CNG instead of petrol/diesel as fuel in vehicles and finally a concerted drive by the government to gradually phase out conventional fossil fuels by using green fuels like natural gas, hydel energy, solar and tidal energy will go a long way to bring down levels of air pollution drastically. The common man can help the cause by using public transport or go for car pooling, minimize use of AC’s, cultivate a hobby of planting tress, use solar powered appliances, quit smoking and save energy in all ways possible,

  17. Promoting the use of bicycles for commuting inside Plant premises as well as GAIL colony – This saves fuel, reduces pollution and also beneficial to health.

  18. अवधेन्‍द्र कुमार

    शहर है या गाडि़यों का रेला है,
    जिधर देखो धुआँ ही धुआँ है।

    आंखों में जलन और सांसों की तकलीफ में
    यह जीवन न हुआ नीम चढ़ा करेला है।

    क्‍यूं न हम पूल में आएं और आसपास साइकिल से जाएं
    स्‍वयं और अगली पीढ़ी के लिए एक स्‍वच्‍छ वातावरण बनाएं।

    अवधेन्‍द्र कुमार


    * Ensure that your surroundings are clean & green . Planting more trees.
    * Using Eco friendly fuel like CNG and other eco-friendly products , use car pooling as it will
    only conserve fuel / energy , enhance economy , also reduce air pollution.
    * Stop burning of waste in open atmosphere
    *Spreading mass awareness.
    Remember ,” when there is a will there is away.” Together we can make the difference ……….

  20. Wherever possible use a more environment friendly approach.
    Long distances => Do car pool/ use a public transport
    Short distances => Use bicycle/ go on foot
    Maintain your vehicle so that your vehicle doesn’t do pollution.
    Rechargeable cars is also a step in right direction.
    Go green, and plant more and more trees

  21. We people, at micro and macro levels, need to change our life style to include positive habits including morning walk, yoga, meditation, having more amount liquid food, not hesitant in using bicycle, walking down to nearby destinations. Preservation of documents electronically can be key to success in this area. Apart from this, we can also bring the change around at our workplace by using least number of papers (using our system as an alternative), using the energy to meet out our needs rather than meeting out luxurious disguised necessities like keeping our AC’s ON for more time than needed, keeping electric appliances ON even when not in use. Planting environmental friendly trees like Neem, Banyan etc.(This need to be seriously observed at our plant specially at LPG plant) can serve as a great measure.

  22. Priyanka Sachdeva

    By following the Approach of Reuse, Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Reform and Re-creation!

  23. In cities the major reason of traffic is due to millions of people going from home to offices and back. We can curb this by building a GREEN WAY:
    “A corridor for bicycles only along which trees planted for shade and fresh air”,

    Bicycling will keep employees fit and environment clean and it will take much less time to reach office and curb the traffic problem.

    As it goes in India if the Boss do something employee follow.
    e.g Suppose in GAIL our CMD sir or Director sirs start using bicycle then I bet that the car parking in corporate office will turn deserted similar true for other locations as well.

  24. My steps will be as below
    [1] Encourage family member and people in the society to walk more
    [2] Regular pollution check on my car
    [3] Share my room with others when air conditioner is on
    [4] Taking care of trees and planting new plants
    [5] Not burn the leaves and other plastic material in open
    [6] Spread awareness about air pollution in the society
    [7] Minimize the use of plastic materials
    [8] Reduce amount of spray bottle
    [9] Switch off the power when leaving the room
    [10] Share my vehicles

  25. Debanjana Mukherjee

    From my end I will try to mitigate the effects of air pollution by :
    1.Planting trees in plant and at home.
    2.Wearing an anti-pollution mask.
    3.Leading a healthy lifestyle,going for morning walk regularly.
    4.Discourage people from smoking,specially in closed rooms.
    5.While purchasing any appliance/automobile I will go for air friendly products and those consuming minimum energy.
    6.I will use recyclable items like paper bags and encourage others to do the same.
    7.I will use bicycle for travelling short distances.
    8.I will bring a change in household behaviour : switching off lights and fans while leaving the room,drying clothes on clothesline instead of dryer when weather permits etc.
    9.In plant,I will try to create awareness to reduce gas leaks,ensure minimum safe height of venting hydrocarbons,strict adherence to environmental laws and minimize flaring.

  26. 1. plantation of new tree in place of up rooting of old tree..
    2. plantation of new tree on the birth of each child by their parents , so no of plantation of tree will be in millions which will save environment and earth.
    3. Educate children , youth regarding harm of pollution of Air, soil & water through audio visual technique.
    4. stop chemicals coming of industries to soil and river.
    5. using of clean , green fuel to drive motor vehicle.
    6. More use of cycle instead of four wheeler/ two wheeler for shot distance journey.
    6. club more jobs in single plan to visit market or another place.




    Environment pollution is a wide-reaching problem and it is likely to influence the health of human populations is great. The significance of environmental factors to the health and well-being of human populations’ is increasingly apparent. Pollution reaches its most serious proportions in the densely settled urban-industrial centers of the more developed countries. There is still some time left in the hands of global institutions, governments and local bodies to use the advance resources to balance the environment for living and initiates the breathed intellectuals to live friendly with environment. As effective reply to contamination is largely based on human appraisal of the problem from every age group and contamination control program evolves as a nationwide fixed cost-sharing effort relying upon voluntary participation.

    It is well understood that pollution has a profound effect on health; therefore, reduction of pollution has a positive effect on health, particularly the health of susceptible individuals. The first population-based study that showed significant improvements in life expectancy in relation to reductions in PM2.5 concentrations was conducted in the United States, It showed a clear relationship between reduction in fine-particle concentrations and life expectancy. Reductions in the levels of air pollution can be achieved in many ways, and governments can play a key role. during the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese government was able to control air pollution.64 This resulted in a 41.6% decrease in the average number of outpatient visits for asthma during the Olympics, as compared with before the games started. In rural Mexico, a randomized trial of properly vented wood-burning cooking stoves versus open fires showed reductions in the longitudinal decline in forced expiratory volume in 1 s and improvements in respiratory symptoms, when proper cooking stoves were used.66 The use of improved cooking stoves has also been found to halve the exposure to carbon non- oxide and resulted in a lower rate of diagnosis of pneumonia.

    Ambient concentrations of particles may increase due to forest fires that are a consequence of a dry environment and other climatological effects such as El Niño. During 1998 in Indonesia, forest fires linked with El Niño resulted in the exposure of some 20 million people across South- East Asia to harmful smoke-borne pollutants. Some of the planned climate-change mitigation strategies include more efficient use of fossil fuels for industrial processes and electricity generation, switching to renewable energy (solar/wind/wave power), increasing the fuel efficiency of vehicles, improving the insulation of buildings, growing new forests, nuclear power and carbon sequestration. It is generally accepted that efforts in all these areas will, at best, prevent further warming but not reverse existing warming.

    The Mexican Government recently introduced significant measures aimed at reducing climate change, including a law to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2020 and by 50% below 2000 levels by 2050.73 Furthermore; it aims to generate 35% of the country’s energy from renewable sources by 2024. At the begin- ning of 2001, the authorities in Monterrey, Mexico, built a 7-megawatt plant that converts 214 million m3 of landfill gas into electricity and powers the light rail transit system and city street lighting at night. The United Kingdom has implemented some measures in London, to take taxis older than 15 years and private hire vehicles older than 10 years off the road, build bicycle superhighways (cycle revolution) and intro- duce 300 hybrid buses by the end of 2012.
    Urban forests and green roofs have also been pro- posed as strategies for reducing pollution in urban areas.74 Vegetation removes pollutants in several ways; by absorbing gaseous pollutants, through interception of PM by leaves, and by breaking down organic compounds such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Transpiration cooling also reduces temperatures indirectly, which results in a reduction in photochemical reactions that form O3 and other air pollutants in the atmosphere. Public policy and individual action are both required to reduce the effects of pollutants on respiratory health. Interventions at the individual level may include the avoidance of exercise or cycling near busy roadways to reduce exposure, and improvements in the ventilation of homes in which biomass fuels are used. Moreover, public policies can encourage or mandate engineering solutions that drastically reduce emissions from cooking stoves and vehicles Bioenergy is produced from living things such as trees and plants. Certain crops are grown, such as corn and soybeans and harvested to produce energy in the form of biofuel. Wind turbines convert kinetic energy by moving air into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electricity. No emissions or solid wastes are produced during the production wind energy, but can often have the negative impact of noise pollution. Hydroelectricity is electricity produced by the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. Many of the world’s dams also serve as hydroelectric plants. This is currently the most widely used form of renewable energy. Solar power is energy produced from the heat and light of the sun. Geothermal energy is the naturally occurring thermal energy that is produced by the Earth’s molten inner core. Use energy efficient devices: CFL lights consume less electricity as against their counterparts. They live longer, consume less electricity, lower electricity bills and also help you to reduce pollution by consuming less energy.

    Taken together, these observations suggest that reducing the levels of air pollutants will have a substantial impact on health, particularly the health of patients with respiratory diseases. Pollution affects all the elements of an ecosystem, including air, water and soil. Solutions must be found to combat all types of pollution so that delicate ecosystems can thrive once again. Clean energy is renewable energy which doesn’t deplete natural resources or cause environmental harm. Renewable energy includes bioenergy, wind, and hydroelectricity, solar and geothermal energy.

    Several attempts are being made worldwide on a personal, industrial and governmental levels to curb the intensity at which Air Pollution is rising and regain a balance as far as the proportions of the foundation gases are concerned. This is a direct attempt at slacking Global warming. We are seeing a series of innovations and experiments aimed at alternate and unconventional options to reduce pollutants. Air Pollution is one of the larger mirrors of man’s follies, and a challenge we need to overcome to see a tomorrow. It appears that polluted environment is global an issue and world community would bear worst results more as they already faced. As effective response to pollution is largely based on human appraisal of the problem . Education, research, and advocacy, are lacking in the region as preventive strategy for pollution. At present the adoption of environmental auditing in any economic sector is voluntary but future legislation could well make it mandatory and still time available to use technology and information for environmental health decision. Policymakers in developing countries need to design programs, set standards, and take action to mitigate adverse health effects of air pollution. Healthy people mean human resources are the main object of any successful business or country. These societal beneficial efforts need to carefully adapt available knowledge from other settings, keeping in mind the differences in pollutant mixtures, concentration levels, exposure patterns, and various underlying population characteristics.

  29. Ajay Kumar Singhal

    To control air pollution,
    (1) we should prefer Car pooling system or public transport for commuting daily from residence to office.
    (2) Develop a mechanism in reference of parking slot, so that vehicle entry should be restricted
    (3) Minimize use of plastic bags.
    (4) Stop burning of waste in open atmosphere
    (5) More & More plantation

  30. Ajay Deep Sharma

    By making aware to my children, spouse and near dears about the ill effect of day to day activities which caused air pollution. How judicious use of electricity, planting more trees in and around our house, using reusable bag instead of plastic bag, using higher temperature setting of AC can reduce the air pollution.
    By making aware to them about impact of air pollution on our life as respiratory and heart problems, global warming, acid rains etc.
    By using five star energy rating appliances.
    By using public transport or by walk whenever possible.

  31. What I have planned to contribute to mitigate the harmful effects of air pollution is by providing awareness about AQI(Air quality Index) to those who are near and dear to me. Local air quality can affect our daily lives. AQI gives information about the health effects of the five most common air pollutants and also the criticality on that particular day. We can check the real time AQI on our mobile at http://www.aqicn.org/map/india/ for most polluted city of India and accordingly plan the activity.
    Further planning outdoor activities in the early morning or late evening, putting a handkerchief over mouth and nose, having Antioxidant-rich foods could also help. Indoor spaces can also be polluted so purchasing an indoor air purifier or atleast keeping filters of Air conditioner clean once in a week that normally never happens could create a small but still significant difference.
    With a little extra effort, we and our family can breathe cleaner air and enjoy better health because of it.

  32. Shailendra K. Katiyar

    Don’t idle your vehicle. If you stop for more than 30 seconds, except in traffic, turn off your engine.

    Drive less. Walking, bicycling, riding the bus can save you money as well as reducing air pollution.

    Be energy efficient. Most traditional sources of energy burn fossil fuels, causing air pollution. Keep your home well-maintained with weather-stripping, storm windows, and insulation. Lowering your thermostat can also help – and for every two degrees Fahrenheit you lower it, you save about two percent on your heating bill.

  33. Everyone can help by self-education and by adopting good and healthy practices. It is also important that we help raise awareness about the significance of environmental issues, their dire consequences and what can be done.
    “One person alone cannot save the planet’s biodiversity, but each individual’s effort to encourage nature’s wealth must not be underestimated.”
    • Stop smoking or at least follow the “No Smoking” sign.
    • Use unleaded gasoline in your cars.
    • Instead of using your cars, choose to walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible
    • Never use open fires to dispose of wastes.
    • Adopt the 3Rs of solid waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. Inorganic materials such as metals, glass and plastic; also organic materials like paper, can be reclaimed and recycled.
    • Reconnect with nature. Live green by using green power supplied abundantly and freely by wind and the sun.
    • Enjoy fresh air from open windows to lessen the use of air conditioning system.
    • Patronize local foods and goods. In this manner, transporting goods and foods prepared with GMOs which uses fuel from conventional energy sources will be minimized.
    • Use eco-friendly or biodegradable materials instead of plastic which are made up of highly toxic substances injurious to your health.
    • Creating green space. Plant more trees and put indoor plants in our homes.
    • Have a proper waste disposal system especially for toxic wastes
    • Do not cause loud noises and unwanted sounds to avoid noise pollution.
    • Industries should use fuel with lower sulphur content.
    • Industries should monitor their air emissions regularly and take measures to ensure compliance with the prescribed emission standards.
    • Industries should strictly follow applicable government regulations on pollution control.
    • Organic waste should be dumped in places far from residential areas.
    • We must help fight Global Warming by doing the following steps:
    • 1) Plant more trees
    • 2) Don’t waste water
    • 3) Use cloth bag and don’t burn plastic
    • 4) By saving electricity

    Pragati vikas ke sapne adhure,
    Paryavaran ki raksha ke bina nahi honge poore.

  34. Umakant Tripathi

    01. Phasing out of petrol/diesel through increased used of CNG is a sustainable option for reducing the vehicular pollution. However, CNG can only be supplied in those areas where pipeline network is available. CNG at present is available in only 02 metros and 25 cities. India is vast country having atleast 500 district level cities situated far away from the pipeline network and CNG can not be made available to these by conventional way. There is alternative means to supply CNG/PNG to these 500 cities in cost effective manner. LCNG stations can be set up in these 500 cities and LNG through tankers can be supplied to LCNG stations for production of CNG. Cost of construction of one LCNG station is 20 % less, operation & maintenance cost is 30 % less. By setting up LCNG stations through PPP mode problem of pollution can be effectively dealt. In China 400 LCNG stations have been set up in last three years to provide CNG/PNG in non pipeline areas. In India if 500 LCNG stations could be set up in 500 cities, whole India will be pollution free. GAIL 5 MMSCMD equivalent imported LNG will be sold out to feed LNG to these 500 LCNG stations. Investment of approximately Rs.4000 CR needed to set up 500 LCNG stations for selling out 5 MMSCMD equivalent LNG. These LCNG stations will be allotted to private parties just like HPCL/IOCL allotted petrol/diesel pump to public investor. GAIL only require to built 4-5 LCNG stations operational with its own cost to demonstrate the profitability & operation of these LCNG stations to public, when people will see that these LCNG generate profit, people will be interested to invest in setting up of LCNG stations at their own risk and cost.
    02. LNG as direct transportation fuel to vehicle is even much better options. LNG fuel is most clean fuel, even better than CNG. World experts declared on various conferences that LNG as a transportation fuel is going to be the ” Fuel of the future”. Most of the European countries have started brining down the LNG vehicles on road. China have set up 1300 LNG fuelling stations and 4 lakhs LNG vehicles are running on Chinese road to curb the pollution. In India LNG revolution have to be stated and accelerated by GAIL. When sufficient no of LNG vehicles will be on Indian road, GAIL LNG will be sold out at LNG fuelling stations just like HPCL diesel and petrol.
    03. GAIL should also advertise aggressively on TV/Newspapers regarding the CNG positive effect on health. When 100 CR Indian will be fully aware about the positive effect of CNG, they will ask their local MP/MLA when CNG will come to their city. These 100 CR Indian put pressure on government for providing cheap CNG in their city. Govt will be forced to reduced the VAT/taxation on CNG once CNG will be socio-politically sensitive commodity.
    04. On plantation side, I have planted 2000 Amrood trees on my 10 acre land. Fruiting have started on these 4 years old Amrrod plants attracting thousands of birds to feed on these plant. My next project is to plant 1000 Anjeer plant because birds like the Anjeer fruit most. If like minded environmental friendly people come forward to join hand together, we can produce many fruits farms to provide sustainability to local birds.

  35. Prasanna M.Joshi

    1. Encourage people around to use more and more public modes of transportation to reduce pollution. Also to make use of car pooling to save energy and money.
    2.Switch off fans and lights when going out. Large amount of fossil fuels are burnt to produce electricity. Save the environment from degradation by reducing the amount of fossil fuels to be burned.
    3.Make people Understand the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Do not throw away items that are of no use. In-fact reuse them for some other purpose. For e.g. we can use old jars to store cereals or pulses.
    4.Clean energy technologies like solar, wind and geothermal are on high these days. Governments of various countries have been providing grants to consumers who are interested in installing solar panels for their home. This will go a long way to curb air pollution.
    5. Use energy efficient devices: CFL lights consume less electricity as against their counterparts. They live longer, consume less electricity, lower electricity bills and also helps to reduce pollution by consuming less energy.

    We are seeing a series of innovations and experiments aimed at alternate and unconventional options to reduce pollutants. Air Pollution is one of the larger mirrors of man’s follies, and a challenge we need to overcome to see a tomorrow.

  36. we have borrowed the EARTH from our future generations. let us show our appreciation by cleaning it up for them . Befor we Leave .


  37. Praveer K. Agrawal

    People and institutions alike, have been battling it out for a ‘cleaner, greener, world.’ Following are some endeavors by the “awakened denizens” towards creating a greater eco-friendly environment:
    1.REDUCTION IN USE OF VEHICLES: Public transport system has better user density – hence resulting in lower per capita fuel consumption. Improvement in last mile connectivity of public transport system, staggering office timings, pooling of vehicles, congestion tax, incentives for use of public transportation system through direct/indirect subsidy etc.
    2.CLEANER FUEL: Further incentivizing CNG, battery operated cars, solar panel cars, Hybrid cars on Fuel cells, strict compliance to pollution norms, removal of black smoke pelting vehicles.
    3.POLLUTION DAMPENERS: Trees/plants being best pollution absorbers need to be enhanced and preserved further. Washing the city roads during night to clear the deposits off the roads.
    4.SMART IDEAS: Smart sub-cities within a big city having work areas and dwelling units close by; Many small offices at various sections of city – connected by VC etc to reduce vehicle movement.


    The best way is to encourage pedestrians to use the roads to the maximum limit. First right of use should go to pedestrians & cyclists. This will not only reduce the carbon foot prints but will also reduce road rage. There should be specific route -shortest & safest route /path for pedestrians & cyclists to commute between from one point to another in the city. Also the public transport should be encouraged ,expanded & made efficient and luxurious too . It shouldn’t me left for lowest denominator of the society only. Luxurious public transport along with transport for public should be made available at regular hour for the commutation between one point to another in the city. These steps will automatically reduce the burden on the road as the no of four gas/petrol guzzling vehicles will come down significantly . These will not only decrease the pollution but will also enhance the bonding between people to people contact and communication. And life will become much sweeter & less complicated


    As someone said, everything is created twice, once in the mind of someone and then in its physical or sensible form…..
    For the sustainability of the efforts mentioned by our esteemed colleagues in the forum, first we need to work on a certain mindset of ours.
    All kind of pollution is generated when human being consume something. Be it consumption of fossil fule by our cars or electricity at our homes or buying products (white goods or food ones), every activity adds to its share of pollution.
    Therefore first we need to sensitize ourself about the consequences of our actions vis a vis its impact on quality of our environment.
    For this basic steps are:-
    1. Observe our activities & visualize its impact on environment
    2. Act as per the least polluting outcome among the possible outcomes of our actions
    3. Compensate to the environment for the polluting activities one has to undertake for one’s functional requirement
    4. Pass On-Try to inculcate such habits(as suggested by many in this forum) in the new generation as there is no better gift one can pass on to its successors…..



    Reduction of usage of polythene bags in our daily life instead use cloth bags or jute bags.
    Plantation of trees and their care.
    Reduce the usage of paper consumption by taking the print on both sides of the paper
    Take the print out only if necessary
    Switching off the lights, fans , computer, TV, AC & other equipment when not in use.
    Remove the power supply cord from the socket when the equipment is not in use.
    Maximize the usage of day light at office & at home.
    Gift a plant to neighbours & friends during occasions like birthdays & other festivals.
    Use pressure cooker while cooking which will reduce time & valuable LPG.
    Use CFL lamps in place of GLS Lamps.
    Use LED Bulbs in place of CFL lamps
    Use public transport instead of personnel vehicle.
    Adopt car pooling or scooter pooling for reducing fuel consumption.
    Maximize the usage of bi-cycles for nearby location.
    Purchasing of 5-Star rated electronic appliances
    Reducing the AC set temperature by 1degree can reduce the power consumption by 7% to 10%
    Frequent cleaning of air filters & compressors in air conditioners & refrigerators.
    Minimize the opening of refrigerator door frequently and setting the temperature on seasonal basis
    Spreading awareness about the pollution, global warming, green house effects & the ways to mitigate the harmful effects.


  42. I plan to:
    1) Minimise my vehicular usage by pooling car and walking.
    2)Planting trees.
    3) Buy only 5 star appliances.
    4) Convince me and my family to reduce wastage of food items.
    5) Reuse stuff .
    6) Honk the horn to the minimal.
    7) Service my vehicles regularly and kill the engines at traffic lights to increase efficiency and reduce pollution.
    8) Carry a shopping bag to the market to avoid plastic bags.
    9) Make sure the common lightings are turned off when not required in my building.
    10) Switch off computers in office and home when not in use.

  43. Ram Prakash Anand

    1. Drive Less – Combine trips, walk, bike, carpool or vanpool, and use buses, subways or other alternatives to driving. Vehicle emissions are a major source of air pollution. Support community or social activity plans that provide ways to get around that don’t require a car, such as more sidewalks, bike trails and transit systems.
    2. Use Less Electricity – Turn out the lights and use energy-efficient appliances. Generating electricity is one of the biggest sources of pollution, particularly in our country India where major source of energy generation (54.5%) is consumption is coal.
    3. Don’t Burn Wood or Trash – Burning firewood and trash are among the largest sources of particles in many parts of the country. If you must use a fireplace or stove for heat, convert your woodstoves to natural gas, which has far fewer polluting emissions. Compost and recycle as much as possible and dispose of other waste properly; don’t burn it. Support efforts in your community/society to ban outdoor burning of construction and yard wastes. Avoid the use of outdoor hydronic heaters, also called outdoor wood boilers, which are frequently much more polluting than woodstoves.
    4. Our government should make sure that our laws system requires clean motor vehicles, which includes replacing or retrofitting old motor vehicle with filters and other equipment to reduce emissions. Make sure your locals don’t idle their buses, a step that can immediately reduce emissions.
    5. Get involved – Participate in your community’s or start community or society for review of its air pollution plans or day to day emission activity and support state or country and local efforts to clean up air pollution.

  44. Nature is the GOD’s gift.

    He created the gift with package of flora,fauna and wide variety of life.
    If we try to alter the constituents in this package, GOD will punish us.
    Everybody has equal right to live peacefully in the God’s created Nature.

    We try to change the direction of River Ganga in Uttar khand,, we came to know about consenquences,i.e,flash floods.

    In the name of Industrialization, day by day we are doing deforestation, result is clearly evident, Global warming. It may result in submerging of many Islands.

    To show our wealth, we are using Luxurious Automobiles, thereby forgetting that we are actually travelling on Ambulance e.g., Fumes emmited from automobiles contain Sulphur dioxide .

    Challenging GOD’S authority over Nature may be temporary victory for the Humans, But ultimately it is the GOD who will rule the Nature.

    Let us go the way GOD has wished to have a healthy Human life. Following some simple rules will give us Health and Happy life.

    @Grow more trees.

    @Follow 3 R principle, e.g., Reduce, Reuse, Recirculate.

    @Use Green fuel,Energy efficient electrical appliances.

    @Try to use public transport system.

    Mainly maintain ecological balance of Bio-diversity of Nature, so every species has equal right to live.

  45. Help yourself in conserving money by conserving fuel and you help the environment:

    a) Come in pooled vehicles
    b) Use 2 wheelers instead of 4 wheeler when travelling alone and a short distance
    c) Keep your environment green , plant some trees if possible..u get fresh air
    d) Use pressure cooker
    e) use both side of printouts which go waste
    f) regularly service your vehicles
    g) thinks of any similar steps and you end up helping the environment…its not that tough..

  46. Every one with his family take oath to be a good friend of environment, all other problems are sorted out automatically. I and my family are the first to adopt this.

  47. Sukant Kr. Singh

    1. Planting more trees at our society, Mandir, Colony, in my Village & Plant.
    2. Using Eco friendly fuel like CNG and other eco-friendly products.
    3. Car pooling
    4. Prevent idle running of vehicle at red lights
    5. Cycling in side the plant
    6. Better vehicle maintenance to ensure good fuel efficiency
    7. Geeting regular pollution control checks for the vehicles
    8. Conserving energy
    9. Reduce vehicle usage by walking or cycling to short distances
    10. Encoraging colleagues and children to follow above guidelines
    11. Not using self Polythine
    12. Walking in Morning.

  48. Implement 4 R’s ie Reduce,Recollect, Reprocess, Reutilize, Recycle
    Planting a tree on every month at least by each family member. Very effective
    Use public transport more often and walk whenever possible and encourage others to do same
    Conserve electricity and reduce unnecessary use of lights, fans and other electrical appliances at home and office
    Buy high energy star rated products

  49. “Going green” doesn’t have to be a daunting task that means sweeping life changes. Simple things can make a difference.
    If every household in the India replaced one regular lightbulb with one of those new compact fluorescent bulbs, the pollution reduction would be equivalent to removing ten million cars from the road.
    Recycled glass reduces related air pollution by 20 percent and related water pollution by 50 percent. If it isn’t recycled it can take a million years to decompose.
    Indian businesses throw away 51 million tons of paper every year, equal to 175 pounds per office worker. For a quick and easy way to halve this, set your printer’s default option to print double-sided (duplex printing). And when you’re finished with your documents, don’t forget to take them to the recycling bin
    It’s good for the air, the land, can shade your house and save on cooling (plant on the west side of your home), and they can also improve the value of your property

  50. Pradeep Mohapatra

    B- Become a volunteer for protection of nature.
    R-Recommend good practices by practicing not preaching.
    E-Earth is our mother and vegetation is her Saree. Rest you understand.
    A-Allow your grandchildren the right to breathe clean air.
    T-Thank the nature for your survival else nature’s thankgiving is very harsh.
    H-Hate pollution, love humanity
    E-Environmental care is the most profitable investment
    F-Factory pollution means no jobs in future
    R-Reduce noise level for a calmer living
    E-Every Day is Earth Day
    E-Earth is the only livable planet; just save it

  51. • Pollution control gels with protection of natural resources.
    • Plantation of Trees & controlling deforestation will reduce Air Pollution and help in balancing environment. Take a pledge that wherever you stay plant maximum tress as possible. May be at your new place of posting, somebody might have already done that.
    • Air is freely available, but it doesn’t mean that people have right to degrade it. Please do not smoke at public places and ensure that your vehicles are also not contributing to air pollution.
    • Food is most precious item even than Diamond ring you must have worn. Ensure zero wastage of food.
    • The initiative taken by Govt. of Haryana be appreciated i.e. providing subsidy on purchase & installation of solar equipments. Please take advantage of it.
    • Health is wealth. Walk more enjoy cycling and reduce dependence on motor vehicles. A ride to office with your colleagues will be more enjoyable than coming alone. Use car pooling.
    • A bright sunny day is relaxing but same bright & sunny day in the month of May-June is horrible. Working under Air conditioner at office is very comfortable, but so many people have to live without fan due to prolonged power cut as the same is required at offices and factories. Also, not everyone is as lucky as Delhi people, where power prices are slashed. Please Ensure turn off lights and unplug appliances when you aren’t there.

  52. The attenuation of air pollution just not calls for individual efforts but for synergic and accentuated endeavours to effectuate a change in the quality of air we breathe. Air around us is either polluted or have an impending danger to getting polluted.Air pollution just not adversly affects the living beings but has repercussions like global warming,smog, acid rains etc.

    a)TREES, the natural filters, is an indispensable tool for purifying air. Promoting afforestation, planting shelter trees such as banyan,neem,peepal etc.Planting trees increases the possibility of rain that can help in setting of dust particles and heavier air pollutants.

    b)Several countries like USA,UK have adopted chemical methods to remove pollutants like CO2 chemical absorption.We too,can take a step in this direction.

    If it’s said that prevention is better than cure then it’s prudent to prevent air pollution rather than pondering over controlling air pollution.Neccessary measures can be:
    a)Forestation.Plant a tree. This country has billions of people and we don’t even need that many trees.(Happy to see that GAIL is doing it)

    b)Save ELECTRICITY. It is not found in nature.It has to be produced via fossil fuel that involves collosal amount of air pollution.

    c)Promoting public transport with round the clock availability.Group usage of cars.It’s always better if four people go in a car.Use of natural tranport system i.e. legs or bicycles for short distances(better for health also).Ultimately all these will result in lower emissions or pollutants from automobiles.

    d)Stringent rules for industries with sincere auditing. Enjoining them in cleaning the flue gases or gaseous discharges with help of electromechanical eqiupments like electrostatic precipitator etc.

    e)Imposing monetary pollution penalties on industries with excessive air pollution.

    f)Monthly check up of vehicles to find the pollution level and keep them within limits.It should be us and the government officials who should make sure that there vehicle pollution level reconciles with gov. norms.

    g)The concern about air pollution should be instilled in children during chilhood. Schools can play a major role in inculcating such ideas.Also to create

    What I think is not an “I” thing because “I” alone can’t control the huge amount of air pollution.Rather it should be “us” to take on this huge task.But still what I can do for now:

    Planning to buy a bike.I am single and I don’t need a car for now.
    Planning to buy a cooler rather than an AC cause I am comfortable with it.
    Using electricity as much as I only require and never forget to turn them off before leaving for office.
    Encourage others to do the same.

    It’s always better to breathe in fresh air.Polluted air is not just a problem for us but a continuing danger lurking for our generations to come. Changes don’t happen in a jiffy.The need is to maintain such efforts and spree so that everyone can BreatheFree.

  53. We can mitigate the ill effects of Air pollution by adopting and practicising an eco-friendly life style. This can be achieved by following some basic principals of Environment and Energy Conservation like Protection of our forests, planting more trees, Reducing our Energy and Fuel consumption (Car pooling, Switching off the engine at Red light, Switching to more eco-friendly fuels like CNG and PNG, Switching of the un-required lights, using LED/CFL lamps), Educating the children and youth on these issues, Roping in NGOs, Creating a social platform for larger invlovement and spreading the awareness, Organising health awareness campaigns, better roads, better traffic management etc and Most Importantly by Practising before Preaching others.

    BECAUSE- “TOMORROW NEVER COMES” and We owe it to our own children and the Future Generation.


  54. Simple steps but to practice regularly without fail will really go a long way in making people healthy and a cleaner environment:

    1. Walk to the nearest shop for your routine grocery needs.
    2. If need to move a kilometer for shopping use cycles.
    3. Always use a jute/cloth carry bag, avoid using thin plastic bags.
    4. Encourage use of cycles in the FAMILY..The habit will go to generations.
    5. Be a member of Rahgiree team on Sundays if available in your area (Gurgaon).
    6. Use staircase in apartments/ office buildings.

  55. Each one teach one to plant one, always have your bag with you, Segrigate house waste properly, spend money for luxary but judiciously after thinking of environment also always remember place for everything and everything should be in its place, so take only yours not others and make life enjoyable for you and for next generations.

  56. Car pooling and more use of public transport is one of the quickest ways to reduce pollution level. I also support Govt regulation regarding banning of 15years old petrol vehicle and 10years old Diesel Vehicle. This is will also increase use of public transport.

    Further, cleanliness drive is also an effective tool as it reduces water pollution which is one of the biggest problem in delhi.

  57. Public awareness and self discipline in using means of transport is the key to success. Good infrastructure like Metro etc can also help a lot provided there is connectivity at both ends.

    There could be incentive for using Cycles/public transport/pooling and disincentive for using individual vehicles.Using eco friendly means should not be a symbol of shame but ought to be appreciated and incentivised.

    Examples have to be set from top to bottom.

  58. Every change starts in a small step. Let’s make that “Small Step Together”

    • Conserve energy – at home, at work, everywhere.
    • Look for the ENERGY STAR label when buying home or office equipment.
    • Use environmentally safe paints and cleaning products whenever possible.
    • Conserve electricity and set air conditioners no lower than 25 degree Celsius.
    • Avoid burning leaves, trash, and other materials.

    Drive Wise:

    Plan your trips. SAVE OIL and REDUCE AIR POLLUTION.

    • Keep tires properly inflated and aligned.
    • Keep car, bikes and other engines properly tuned and routine maintenance checks (especially for the spark plugs).
    • In the summertime, fill Petrol/diesel tank during cooler evening hours to cut down evaporation. Replace Oil tank cap tightly.
    • Avoid excessive idling of your automobile
    • When possible, use public transportation, walk, or ride a bicycle.

  59. Mohammad Zafar

    What one can do to reduce air pollution, There are few following steps to follow :

    Encourage your family to walk to the neighbourhood market.
    Whenever possible take your bicycle.
    As far as possible use public forms of transport.
    Don’t let your father drop you to school, take the school bus.
    Encourage your family to form a car pool to office and back.
    Reduce the use of aerosols in the household.
    Look after the trees in your neighbourhood.
    Begin a tree-watch group to ensure that they are well tended and cared for.
    Switch-off all the lights and fans when not required.
    If possible share your room with others when the airconditioner, cooler or fan is on.
    Do not burn leaves in your garden, put them in a compost pit.
    Make sure that the pollution check for your family car is done at regular intervals
    Cars should, as far as possible, be fitted with catalytic converters.
    Use only unleaded petrol.

  60. Would Like to contribute as below:
    1) Using Bicycle wherever possible to use which not only contribute to enhance our surrounding air pollution but also help to maintain our fitness.
    2) Never burn useless plastic or let any one burn plastic as it contains very toxic chemical like dioxins etc..
    3) I will use cotton bags wherever go for shopping & deny to use plastic bags at shopping points
    4) I wow to plant & care at east one tree on my Birth Day for betterment of Environment
    5) Will prefer to sleep in natural environment by not using Air conditioners as it Contains R-134a (fluorinated Chemicals) which is ODS substance , Damage our Earth Ozone layers. in addition to that it consume energy, reduce immunity, & drains more money.
    6) use car pool & will prefer public transport instead of private transport wherever possible
    7) using sun light as a source during daytime while working in home or office.
    8) Never let water tap on in toilet/ bathrooms during bathing, shaving activities in office or home such minor improvement in our habits can save lots of energy , in turn reduces the carbon footprint of our living style on earth.
    9) Switch off Engine at traffic signal, railway crossing , saves fossil fuel & reduces emission in air.
    10) Buying five star rating appliances, Home appliances like Washing machines, TV , Freeze,
    11) Regular tuning of Engine of vehicles & periodical PUC Checking
    12) I will educate my nears & dears regarding Energy Conservation & various common tips to contribute for reduction in Air pollution surrounding us.
    13) will never waste food or let our family member to waste food, in case of excess food ,will definitely serve to needy or to animals as food thrown are getting partially decayed & causes methane generation which is harmful to earth atm.
    14 Proper Maintenance of Vehicles ,

  61. Shailesh Bernard Kiro

    We as individuals do not need to do something drastic to reduce air pollution. If each of us actively participate and take following simple and easily implementable steps, we can collectively contribute towards a cleaner and pollution free city:

    1. Recycle
    2. Waste Management & Proper Disposal
    3. Decrease dependency on fossil fuels
    4. Regular maintenance of our vehicles/ machines/ equipments
    5. Each one Plant one
    6. Follow government guidelines and norms w.r.t. pollution/ waste management/etc.

    We must always remember the quote “We have not inherited the world from our forefathers we have borrowed it from our children”.

    If we want our children to have a cleaner and pollution free city, each one of us should proactively do our part.

  62. Manoj kumar chauhan

    हम सब जानते है कि हमारी पृथ्वी के लिये ,हमारे जीवन के लिये,हमारे पर्यावरण के लिये क्या -क्या गतिविधियां नुकसानदय है लेकिन हमारी सोच यह बन चुकी है… “सब कुछ चलता है यार “..
    पर्यावरण को बचाने के नियम-क़ायदे हम सब जानते है बस जरूरत है उन नियमो को जीवन में उतारने की ।
    इसलिए सोच बदलों..जीवन बदलो

  63. Raj Kumar Chakraborty

    The major difference between natural and man-made air pollution is that continuous or temporary natural events cause natural air pollution, but human activities are responsible for man-made pollution. We can’t prevent natural air pollution, but we can reduce man-made pollutants and their consequences.

    My idea is change of lifestyle by living a thoughtful life, living closer to nature, avoid use of technology or synthetic products unnecessarily can help to reduce the pollution in a big way. For example

    a. Wherever possible walking or cycling regularly may avoid vehicular pollution in a big way.

    b. Reducing our never-ending pseudo demand of goods and services mostly for our psychological need may reduce the overall demand of goods and services which will also reduce the industrial pollution.

    c. Despite consuming process food if we can build habit of taking organic or natural then again some major pollution will be avoided.

    d. Behavioral changes like switching off the equipment which consumes energy at right time and wherever possible avoiding technology (as technology consumes energy resulting pollution), plantation of trees. etc.

    e. Most importantly to influence others about the need of the hour to reduce air pollution through committed actions can play a big role to mitigate air pollution.

  64. 1. Use energy efficient lighting and appliances. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
    2. Choose less packaging and are reusable products.
    3. Use rechargeable batteries and always use canvas bag (Don’t use plastic bags).
    4. In the summertime, fill gas tank during cooler evening hours to cut down on evaporation.
    Avoid spilling gas and don’t “top off” the tank. Replace gas tank cap tightly.
    5. No long drive please and use EC grade motor oil for your Car.
    6. Use Carpool system for work place with colleagues.
    7. Report smoking vehicles to your local air checking officee.
    8. Replace your car’s air filter if it’s not working and use cruise control on the highway
    9. Wash clothes with warm or cold water instead of hot.
    10. Use green electricity and also use CFL lights for saving energy and pollutions.
    11. Tree plantation.
    12. Building People’s awareness about pollutions.
    12. Renewable combustion-free power sources (Solar, Wind)
    13. Banning smoking in public areas. Capture of methane gas emitted from waste sites as an
    alternative to incineration.
    14. Recycling and reuse or waste reprocessing.
    15. Don’t top off at the gas pumps.
    16. Use zero VOC paints.
    17. Initiate Greenery filled train.

  65. K M Thilagarbabu

    Solution for pollution should start from self. I would like adopt the guiding principles of “Reduce” , “Re-use” & “Recycle” to minimize pollution.

  66. Cutting down on air pollution is an important step in going green. Transportation is the most obvious generator of air pollution, other aspects of our lifestyle like the products we buy, our behaviors at home and the way we handle household waste etc. affect the amount of emissions and air pollution. Only some small changes in different areas of our life can make a difference. Some Measures could be:
    1. Carpool or using public transportation whenever possible
    2. Reducing the heating and cooling requirements and carbon emissions
    3. Reducing the usage of packaging/plastic.
    4. Plantation on specific occasion such as Birthday/Anniversary etc.
    5. Promoting bicycling – can GAIL think of giving some kind of extra motivation for using a Bicycle like it gives CMER for Motorcycle and Car??
    6. Using Public Transport – In Cities like Delhi- travel in Public buses surely need Mask to breathe comfortably. Thank God Metro Train facility is here…
    Further there can be numbers of way to contribute to mitigate the harmful effects of air pollution. But the big results come when everyone is making such a contribution.

    Nature has been nurturing us since our birth, now its time to nurture the Nature…the beauty of the earth….)

    आज समय की मांग है, पर्यावरण बचाओ……

  67. To mitigate the harmful effects of air pollution, I shall contribute by:
    1. Maintain clean and greenhouse .Ensuring cleaning inside and surrounding area of my house.
    2. Increasing awareness among people about harmful effect and pollution about toil and throwing garbage in open atmosphere.
    3. PUC of vehicle will be done on /before due date.
    4. Routine servicing of my four & two wheeler.
    5. Switch off room lights before leaving/ not in use.
    6. Reducing fuel gas consumption by running Gas Turbines Compressors (GTC) and Gas Turbines Generators (GTG) at appropriate speed and load to reduce exhaust heat in atmosphere.
    7. Plantation of more trees.
    8. Promoting treatment of waste water and garbage.

  68. To motivat some one to do somenting better/positive to save the environment/earth/lives is great thing which the management of my beloved GAIL is doing, I appriciate the efforts being put up.
    Further, we can advise to others to follow the way on which we are walking otherwise, others will not obey us. As our Father of Nation is well sayed : ” BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANTS TO SEE IN THE WORLD”.
    I like to take this opportunity to share my attitude/habit ( which has been developped at home by my illiterate parents by practicing the same themselves) towards the subject caption with all my Seniors & Juniors through this means as under :
    1. I always try to save the wastage of Foods by taking the quantiy of food I need.
    2. I always try to use my feet to reach up to the distance of 1 – 2 KMs, except in case of an emergency. Further, for faar distance also I try to use the public transport rather than individual one.
    3. I always ensure to switch off the Lights, Fans, UPS, PC, TV, AC, etc. before I leave ( at Home, Office, Play Room, Class Room, etc.).
    4. I always ensure to close the Fuel Cock of my two wheelers and also ensure to switched off the Head Light of all the vehicles I drive ( Two & Four Wheelers ).
    5. I always try to use the papers both the sides by taking prints on both the sides.
    6. I always try to close the running water taps immediately wherever I noticed the same.

    If possible, pls provide the second hand text books, reference books, guids, etc., to your wards if the selbus is not changed.
    Pls give them bicyles instead of vehicles if they are not going faar from their homes
    Pls educate them to keep their demands up to the limit of their necesity and not for competing others, offcourse by doing the same yourself first.


  69. The less energy we use, the greener we are.
    So in every walk of life we should try to minimize the consumption of energy produced by us
    Steps to control pollution:
    • Plant trees and encourage other for the same
    • Conserve energy – turn off appliances and lights when not in use.
    • Use 5 star energy products
    • Keep all AC at Temp 26-28 deg C and in energy saving mode
    • Use LED/Solar lighting
    • Recycle/ Reuse products as much as possible.
    • Keep Gas burners clean, cook with Pressure cooker, cover utensils while cooking
    • Use canvas bag instead of using paper and plastic bags.
    • Choose efficient, low-polluting vehicles and get regular engine tune ups and car maintenance checks, keep tires properly inflated and aligned.
    • Encourage carpooling, wherever possible, use public transportation, walk or use bicycle.
    • Encouraging peers, friends, relatives, children to follow above

  70. According to my view, the main reason for increase in Air Population is rise in population and habit of living comfort life. We should have one rule code in India viz One Wife and slogan of Hum Do Humare Do. We should also think over the excess use of technology for our comfort life. We should use manual resources whenever wherever possible.


    To mitigate the harmful effects of air pollution, I shall contribute by:

    1. Maintain clean and greenhouse .Ensuring cleaning inside and surrounding area of my house.
    2. Increasing awareness among people about harmful effect and pollution about toil and throwing garbage in open atmosphere.
    3. PUC of vehicle will be done on /before due date.
    4. Routine servicing of my four & two wheeler.
    5.Reducing fuel gas consumption by running Gas Turbines Compressors (GTC) and Gas Turbines Generators (GTG) at appropriate speed and load to reduce exhaust heat in atmosphere.

  72. Govt should make it mandatory to use “Particulate Traps “on Diesel driven vehicles to reduce emissions and should rollout only hybrid/fuel cell vehicles for public transportation system.
    Also Parking fees should be hiked to maximum within city areas so that unwanted vehicle trips can be avoided and habit of car pooling can be boosted. Ofcourse lot of Plantation is always welcome.

  73. By doing following things in our day to day life we can help to reduce air pollution in our surrounding area –
    Encourage your family to walk to the neighbourhood market.
    Whenever possible take your bicycle.
    As far as possible use public forms of transport.
    Don’t let your father drop you to school, take the school bus.
    Encourage your family to form a car pool to office and back.
    Reduce the use of aerosols in the household.
    Look after the trees in your neighbourhood.
    Begin a tree-watch group to ensure that they are well tended and cared for.
    Switch-off all the lights and fans when not required.
    If possible share your room with others when the air conditioner, cooler or fan is on.
    Do not burn leaves in your garden, put them in a compost pit.
    Make sure that the pollution check for your family car is done at regular intervals
    Cars should, as far as possible, be fitted with catalytic converters.
    Use only unleaded petrol.
    Last but not the lease , we should share our ideas and encourage our family/friends for saving our earth from dangerous hazards of pollution.

  74. In order to mitigate the harmful effects of air pollution, the following needs to be done:
    1. Plant more and more trees, trees are the lungs of our ecosystem and hence planting trees must be promoted on international and national basis. We should develop a culture of planting and protecting tress. A movement like Chipko Andolan is the requirement of the hour. We should also teach our children to plant more and more.
    2. There are people amongst us who want to plant saplings but due to the unavailability of the same in our locality, we are unable to do so. Saplings should be made available free of cost and of all varieties.
    3. Adequate no. of trees should be planted before cutting for projects. This too has to be panned beforehand. It should be like falling old mature trees and planting saplings which is the trend being followed these days. These practices are eroding the nature’s balance.
    4. Educating the people through campaigns, posters, pamphlets etc. we should tell them about the pollution level and the hazards related to it.
    5. We should remain vigilant and should be aware of polluting causing elements . it should be kept in mind that air pollution is everybody’s concern and not merely a government job. We all are shareholders to it.
    6. Methods like car-pooling, use of public transport system, judicious use of fuel & electricity & paper, recycling of wastes, using low-emission technology & bio-degradable material , avoiding use of plastic bags, should be brought in practice.
    7. Use clean energy like solar, wind, tidal, hydel etc. it requires huge capital but has proved profitable in the long run. Govt. and big corporates should take initiative in this direction. We can also install solar geyser, lights etc. in our homes which is widely in use and reliable too.
    8. Metro trains like the one in Delhi have contributed a lot in reducing carbon footprints and has been recognized globally in reducing emissions. Such infrastructure should be built in every big cities and capital cities. It is both economically viable and green

  75. Nice Forum for a Noble Objective ;

    * I will not allow any unauthorized disposal of E-Waste or Bio Waste in my office and
    residence surroundings.

    * will try to train/educate maximum number of unauthorized e-waste recyclers (Kabadis) to
    adopt the safe e waste disposal techniques and become authorized recyclers.

    * I will educate all the departments in GAIL across INDIA about the safe disposal of E-Waste
    as per E-Waste Rules 2011 of GOI; It will certainly help in the objective.

    * I will try to educate all rag pickers about hazardous waste & E-waste to help them
    saving their families and kids from ill effects of this type of bio & E-waste

    *I will surely look for shifting transportation to some other green modes;
    Like non-motorized means of transport, walking and cycling as far as possible
    To make that possible, I will stress upon the plans to implement facilitate to support this type
    of transport by providing required infrastructure like cycle tracks and pathways.

    * GOVT must work to increase distribution of electric and hybrid vehicles; I myself will look for
    a good one for daily use.

    * I will keep my existing car also in good serviced condition so that it generates minimum
    pollutants in air.

  76. Mitigation – every employee like us can contribute in some way or other:

    1. Improved supply and distribution efficiency; fuel switching from coal to gas; nuclear
    power; renewable heat and power (hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal and
    bioenergy); combined heat and power; early applications of carbon dioxide capture
    and storage (CCS) (e.g. storage of removed CO2 from natural gas); CCS for gas,
    biomass and coal-fired electricity generating facilities; advanced nuclear power;
    advanced renewable energy, including tidal and wave energy, concentrating solar,
    and solar photovoltaics

    2. More fuel-efficient vehicles; hybrid vehicles; cleaner diesel vehicles; biofuels; modal
    shifts from road transport to rail and public transport systems; non-motorised
    transport (cycling, walking); land-use and transport planning; second generation
    biofuels; higher efficiency aircraft; advanced electric and hybrid vehicles with more
    powerful and reliable batteries

    3. Efficient lighting and daylighting; more efficient electrical appliances and heating
    and cooling devices; improved cook stoves, improved insulation; passive and active
    solar design for heating and cooling; alternative refrigeration fluids, recovery and
    recycling of fluorinated gases; integrated design of commercial buildings including
    technologies, such as intelligent meters that provide feedback and control; solar
    photovoltaics integrated in buildings

    4.More efficient end-use electrical equipment; heat and power recovery; material
    recycling and substitution; control of non-CO2 gas emissions; and a wide array of
    process-specific technologies; advanced energy efficiency; CCS for cement,
    ammonia, and iron manufacture; inert electrodes for aluminium manufacture
    Improved crop and grazing land management to increase soil carbon storage;
    restoration of cultivated peaty soils and degraded lands; improved rice cultivation
    techniques and livestock and manure management to reduce CH4 emissions;
    improved nitrogen fertiliser application techniques to reduce N2O emissions;
    dedicated energy crops to replace fossil fuel use; improved energy efficiency;
    improvements of crop yields

    5. Afforestation; reforestation; forest management; reduced deforestation; harvested
    wood product management; use of forestry products for bioenergy to replace fossil
    fuel use; tree species improvement to increase biomass productivity and carbon
    sequestration; improved remote sensing technologies for analysis of vegetation/soil
    carbon sequestration potential and mapping land-use change

    6 Landfill CH4 recovery; waste incineration with energy recovery; composting of
    organic waste; controlled wastewater treatment; recycling and waste minimisation;
    biocovers and biofilters to optimise CH4 oxidation

  77. Deepak Varshney

    our world is called material world made of Panch Tatav namely Bhoomi-Agni-Gagan-Vaayu-Neer (taking initial letter of each make it BHAGVaaN).

    Scientifically these Panch Tatav are reduced into three Material, Energy & Space and for all these there is law of conservation that they can neither be created nor destroyed and only changes from one form to other.

    About material it is a fact that it can’t itself escape from gravitational force easily so very little exchange between earth & outer space takes place in the form of meteors & satellites, so whatever material is on the earth will remain as it is for millions of years.

    Space is infinite only earth surface is limited but only about 10% is occupied by human for its activities at other part either there is water or extreme weather conditions.

    Energy of the universe is constant and is exchanged in the form of radiation.

    Nature itself manages and regenerates everything if our activities are in equilibrium with nature, but it is human activities which disturb the equilibrium of nature and results in disasters. Particularly since the Invention of fuel powered Engines human activities have disturbed the natures equilibrium. we are digging beneath the earth vegetation & burning billions of tons of fossil fuels and dumping polluting gases into atmosphere( air dump yard), but never think of recycling these gases back into usable material. earlier only above the surface available bio fuels were in use which have been replaced now by fossil fuels and freely available bio fuels are burnt wastefully
    and we are inclined to provide LPG/NG to all for which it need to be imported and will increase country’s fuel import bill & current account deficit as well, which is neither practical nor sustainable.

    from another angle if we look that If one time surface vegetation is providing us sufficient fossil fuel for 200 years of our need then if we cover maximum available surface of earth with plants & trees it will recycle most of the CO2 & absorb energy at free of cost (readily occurring photosynthesis reaction in temp range of 1- 50C temp range) and we will get more then sufficient biofuel which can further be processed by gasification to get clean fuel gas to fulfill our energy needs at no cost & clean environment which is practical and sustainable as well.

    Similarly in place of dumping other solid waste in waste dump yard we need to recycle every component to useful material and will reduce depleting mines.

    in conclusion reduce your needs, reuse as much as possible & recycle & reclaim everything to establish equilibrium with nature

  78. Personal Level:

    The ideas which, I have tried and tested.

    1 Stick a sticky note on the door, which reads “Switch off the lights” (or any creative reminder will do). I have tried it and it helped me get rid of my habit of leaving lights on.

    2. Buy a bicycle with an appealing look. Make a mental note of using it for distances less than 2-3 km. (Again a post-it, in your garage or bike might help)

    3a. Use a laundry bag, only wash clothes when it is full.
    3b. Abstain from using the last 2 functions in washing machine (spin and dry), except in rainy or humid winter season.

    Policy suggestions which might help to reduce emissions

    Industrial Pollution: Use of a Reward Mechanism such as Carbon Credits by the government. Though the international CDM mechanism is facing a downside, a similar Indian mechanism might help reduce the carbon footprint.

    City Pollution: Dedicated bicycle corridors and a fast and clean public transport system.
    Personal Vehicles, which are a huge contributor to emissions are also a status symbol in Indian Society. To make people interested in alternative modes it is important to make the alternatives appeal better to the youth. The success of Delhi Metro (in middle and upper middle class) is a proof that people will willingly adopt public transport if it is fast, safe, appealing and clean.

  79. Amritesh Pandey

    Little by Little fills the Pot …
    Few easy steps at individual level can curb pollution .I use to practice a few viz

    1. During fuel refilling i assure my vehicle is not too hot .When vehicles are fueled, gasoline vapors escape as the tank is filled.The control of emissions resulting from refueling is known as Stage II Vapor Recovery.Ensure your vehicle has onboard refueling
    vapor recovery (ORVR) systems.

    2. CAR POOLING :- At my level I practiced it in my previous organization at Mumbai. Three colleagues used to share vehicle on monthly basis.In GAIL walk to office from my residence as it is very near.

    3.Observe the speed limit :- Fuel can be saved by driving at optimum speed.

    4. Many other ways are there to control pollution at individual level like less use of plastics , use LEDs, plant trees on birthdays and other occasions ,follow 3Rs etc…

    CAR POOLING at GAIL level can be a very good step to prove that our organization is concerned for a better tomorrow…

  80. Stop the issue of permit by the government for using of Furnace oil by the industries where using for power generators , boilers and furnaces. They are the main polluting agents in industrial area .

  81. For Industry: clean technologies that reduce industrial smokestack emissions; improved management of urban and agricultural waste, including capture of methane gas emitted from waste sites as an alternative to incineration (for use as biogas);

    For Transport: shifting to clean modes of power generation; prioritizing rapid urban transit, walking and cycling networks in cities as well as rail interurban freight and passenger travel; shifting to cleaner heavy duty diesel vehicles and low-emissions vehicles and fuels, including fuels with reduced sulphur content;

    For Urban Planning: improving the energy efficiency of buildings and making cities more compact, and thus energy efficient;

    For Power Generation: increased use of low-emissions fuels and renewable combustion-free power sources (like solar, wind or hydropower); co-generation of heat and power; and distributed energy generation (e.g. mini-grids and rooftop solar power generation);

    For Municipal and Agricultural Waste Management: strategies for waste reduction, waste separation, recycling and reuse or waste reprocessing; as well as improved methods of biological waste management such as anaerobic waste digestion to produce biogas, are feasible, low cost alternatives to the open incineration of solid waste. Where incineration is unavoidable, then combustion technologies with strict emission controls are critical.

  82. Create much Gardens/Jungles near by your areas.
    Encourage the up-to-date euro standard vehicles.
    Donot wash way the Jungles in the cities.
    Encourage families & all around you to have the minimum use of vehicles.
    Office Goers should combine in one instead of using multiple vehicles. Same way Family members should combine instead of using each one of them one separate vehicle.
    If Possible, Govt should avoid the Bus transport & use the Train/Tram facilities as much as transport services .Heavy Carbon generated industries should be commissioned far away from the populated areas. Govt Should also initiate action on reseach to find the route for eliminations of Carbon from our environment/or reduce the carbon emission process.
    The people should also be educated in the line of environment threat , caused for leading the unnecessary way of ignorant luxury life..

  83. I submitted a response an hour ago but it is not showing in the comments. On my pc it says

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    I am resubmitting the same response.

    Personal Level:

    The ideas which, I have tried and tested.

    1 Stick a sticky note on the door, which reads “Switch off the lights” (or any creative reminder will do). I have tried it and it helped me get rid of my habit of leaving lights on.

    2. Buy a bicycle with an appealing look. Make a mental note of using it for distances less than 2-3 km. (Again a post-it, in your garage or bike might help)

    3a. Use a laundry bag, only wash clothes when it is full.
    3b. Abstain from using the last 2 functions in washing machine (spin and dry), except in rainy or humid winter season.

    Policy suggestions which might help to reduce emissions

    Industrial Pollution: Use of a Reward Mechanism such as Carbon Credits by the government. Though the international CDM mechanism is facing a downside, a similar Indian mechanism might help reduce the carbon footprint.

    City Pollution: Dedicated bicycle corridors and a fast and clean public transport system.
    Personal Vehicles, which are a huge contributor to emissions are also a status symbol in Indian Society. To make people interested in alternative modes it is important to make the alternatives appeal better to the youth. The success of Delhi Metro (in middle and upper middle class) is a proof that people will willingly adopt public transport if it is fast, safe, appealing and clean.

  84. Pollution free life starts from house because of we forget in future not only water every things necessary items will shortage like electricity ,air , water , food and we inviting skin decease for self and next generation . So let us starts SAVE EARTH , SAVE LIFE .

  85. No high-fi technique is needed to reduce pollution. Only self awareness is the best method. However few steps can be taken:
    1. Ban of Polythene bags in GAIL townships. People must carry their own polythene bags or paper/juite bags.
    2. Public washrooms to be increased in cities, villages/nearby areas so that people dont pollute the water directly. Sewage treatment system must be implemented.
    3. Battery/solar operated public vehicles will reduce air/noise pollution greatly.
    4. Make sure that people do not burn wood for cooking in villages. This will help in conservation of valuable trees and also carbon emission is reduced.
    5. Encourage people to use more public transport than private transport. A bus carrying people at full load will cause lower pollution than each people in their private vehicle.
    6. Where there is human there is pollution. Strict steps for reduction in population shall be taken. Family planning should be compulsory. Government or Industries should give attractive benifits to people with one child specially daughters. Forced vasectomy/Tubectomy to be one for people with two healthy children irrespective of gender. This may seem cruel but what will you do if there is no place on earth to live?

  86. These days everyone needs to be in a comfort zone, whether its travelling, at home or in office.To create this comfort zone , usually the environment is affected.

    For short distances- commuting by bicycles or on foot is reccomended, but whether our roads/footpaths are ready for these.Is it safe to travel on Indian roads on bicycles? The reality is it is highly unsafe.This is only one example, there are many

    In my opinion, first the required infrastructure shall be built , in order to follow & popularize environment friendly measures on a mass scale.

  87. Pollutant density is max in early morning hours as they do settle with decrease in ambient tempreture. Think about it & feedback.

  88. MY DELHI
    Most Common and irritating problem of our National Capital .It is among Top 10 cities in the world
    Substantial increase in the number of Vehicles.
    Road density 80 vehicles per KM
    Traffic Interaction Cycle time ranges from 120 to 180 seconds which causes long queues
    Mixed Traffic Personal Vehicles, 3 Wheelers,2 Wheelers, Buses,Trucks ,animal driven carts
    Growing Population
    Inadequate Transport facility
    Ongoing Construction activity
    High level of Pollution
    Wastage of Fuel
    Loss of Time
    Air Pollution related disease
    Road accident
    Cost of Maintenance of Vehicles
    Drop in Tourism
    Change of Environment & Weather
    Widening of Road,
    Construction of new Road.
    Introduction of alternate system
    The above involves having high Financial Implications and time consuming . Problem needs immediate solution
    Government has to issue Mandatory Notification under Shops and Establishment Act and Rules for observing weekly rest day on different week days
    Presently Employees of Offices Shops and Factories of Delhi are observing weekly off on Saturday and Sunday
    The Weekly Offs for the Offices/Factories should be observed as under
    North Delhi : Monday
    South Delhi : Tuesday
    The Weekly Offs for the Offices/Factories should be observed as under
    East Delhi : Wednesday
    West Day : Sunday
    The Weekly Offs for the Offices/Factories should be observed as under
    Central Delhi :Wednesday
    Change of Weekly Off mean closure of Offices/Factories on the Area and no movement of Employees for duty on that particular area.
    Considering the fact that as on date Road Density is 80 Vehicles Per Km.By Chaging the Weekly Off days the Road Density will reduced by 20% i.e Road Density will be 64 per Km and in case the number of vehicles on Road on any working day is 1 lac it will reduced to 80000
    In the Public Interest Labour Department of Government of NCT Delhi can issue Mandatory Notification for observing weekly off other than Saturday or Sunday to reduce the Traffic Congestion to overcome all the problem as highlighted.

  89. I will try to use only that much resources as it is essentially required. In other words use optimally and waste nil.

  90. Mohd. Feroz Akhtar

    In BHARAT it is very difficult to stop any thing going wrong because who so ever is there to stop misdeeds use to act upon protecting his vested interest.The only remedy is the introspection.
    In other way we can materialize the required is “every individual can dump the WRONGS under the RIGHTS. Consume more TIME, ENERGY and TALENT in doing RIGHTS/CONSTRUCTIVE ACTIONS which we can do in a easy way instead of doing WRONGS used to be done under certain given circumstances.
    In view of above my humble request to all in the interest of our coming generation that is PLANTION PROGRAMS of trees.
    Trees – 1- PEEPAL, 2- PAKHAR, 3- BARGAD.
    These are the natural compensators of OXIGEN and NITROGEN percentage in the atmosphere. these expensive gases produce by them free of cost and they don’t charge OVERTIME.
    God will never spare us THE MURDERERS OF TREES. We don’t tolerate the slaughter of animals because we see them crying and dying but we don’t see the trees crying and dying. They look calm and quite. don’t forget GOD can listen their painful CRY.
    Let us pledge at our home with our family that we all will plant a tree on the week end in the vicinity where ever you live, may be that area owned by any body else. It dose not matter.
    No body can or will stop you.
    Any body can piss any where when he is in emergency then why not plantation any where.
    GOD made this earth a HEVEN for us and we are putting all efforts to convert it into HELL.


    प्रथ्वी पर ही जीवन क्यों संभव हुआ है , यदि आप समय की विपरीत धारा में विचार करें, तो पायेंगे कि किसी जीवन के लिए पाँच तत्वों का होना आवश्यक है, अन्य ग्रहों पर, क्षितिज (धरा) , गगन (आकाश), पावक ( अग्नि / ऊर्जा) तो हो सकती है लेकिन जीवन के होने और न होने में जो तत्व अति महत्व के हैं वो हैं जल ( जिसके बिना आप ज्यादा से ज्यादा 120 घंटे ही जी सकते हैं), लेकिन जिस अहम तत्व के प्रदूषण पर हम मनन कर रहे हैं, वो है वायु (हवा) जो किसी सरहद को नहीं मानता, वल्कि अपनी सरहद की महत्ता बताता है कि आपको 2-3 मिनिट ना मिले तो जीवन खत्म, यानी आपको और हम सबको यह मालूम है कि भाई जीवन की डोर किसके हाथ में है , इसके बावजूद हम उसी तत्व की सबसे कम परबाह करते हैं |
    प्रभू ने इसी तत्व की पहुँच को सबसे सुगम भी रखा है, तो हमको भी प्रभू के संदेश को समझना होगा और इसके संरक्षण के सबसे सुगम तरीकों को खोजना होगा | कुछ सुगम्य तरीके निम्नवत हैं |

    1) अपने जीवन को मितव्ययी बनाएँ , किसी से भी अनावश्यक पदार्थ पूरक प्रतियोगिता ना अपनाएं |
    2) अपने परिवार को सीमित करें, तथा अन्य सुभचिंतकों को भी शिक्षित करें |
    3) सबसे पहले खुद ग्रीन लाईफ स्टाइल को अपनाए , यथा संभव व्रक्ष (पेड़) लगाएँ जो प्राणवायू के शोधक हैं |
    4) महानगरों के ऊपर बढ़ते जनसंख्या दबाव को कम करने हेतु अपना यथासम्भव योगदान दें , जैसे कि रोजगार और शिक्षा के साधनों को गांवों की ओर लेकर चलें , सरकार को इसमें सबसे ज्यादा पहल करने की जरूरत है लेकिन जब जन-समुदाय की सोच बदलेगी तो सरकार भी इन्फ्रास्ट्रक्चर विकाष को गांवों की ओर लेकर जाएगी |
    5) शहरों के जीवन चक्र को बहतर इन्फ्रास्ट्रक्चर से सुशज्जित करें ताकि लोग सामूहिक संशाधनों का, या पैदल और हाई स्पीड ट्रेक्सण साइकिलों का प्रयोग करें | कई विकषित देशो में लोगों ने साईकिलों से आफिस जाना शुरू भी कर दिया है | जगह-2 साइकिल पार्क आफ़ीशियल ज़ोनों के पास बनाए गए हैं उनके लिए विषेश शॉर्टकट मार्ग भी विकषित किए गए हैं | ( जैसे कि सिंगापूर में विकाष और प्रदूषण का % सर्वोत्तम है) इन उदाहरणों से हम भी सबक ले सकते हैं |

    6 ) समाज में प्रदूषण के दुस्परिणामों के प्रति जागरूकता फैलाने की हर संभव पहल करें |

    7) प्रदूषण नियंत्रण के क़ानूनों को जनता के सहयोगिक हाथों तक पहूंचाए ताकि जनता के क्रोध का डर औध्योगिक घरानों को भी हो, और ऐसे उधयोगपतियों का सामाजिक तिरष्कार करें जो प्रदूषण नियंत्रण का ध्यान नहीं रख रहे हैं |
    8) क्रमशः एसे ही उपायों को खोजते रहें जिनसे प्रत्यक्ष या अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से प्रदूषण को कम किया जा सके, सद विचार एवं सदाचार में ही इस ताले की कुंजी छुपी हुई है ढूँढ़ना हमको ही है, सबका हाथ एवं साथ वांच्छनीय है | क्रपया हाथ बढ़ाएँ और इस पावन कर्म में सब साथ आ जाएँ तो मंजिल मिल जाएगी |

  92. Manoj kumar chauhan

    पाल, साहब बहुत सही विचार रखें आपने…

  93. Prevention is the best and permanent solution for air pollution.For this we have implement the following strategy.
    1.Strict monitoring of fuel & emission standards
    2.Prevent adulteration of fuel
    3.Providing catalytic converter and filter in the exhaust pipe of all four wheelers
    4.Spreading awareness about the harmful effects of pollution
    5.Growing more plants near traffic signals
    This has to be achieved through team effort i.e. Public,Authoirities,CSR.

  94. Government & corporates have to incentivize the use of Clean Renewable energy sources such as Solar, wind, fuel cell, chemical & nuclear energy for the industries, automobiles & home utilities.
    At the same time, it is the responsibility of each & every citizen to judiciously use the energy sources in our daily life and inculcate the habit of recycling whereever possible.

  95. Ajit Chaturvedi

    All the actions should start from ourselves. Let us educate our children towards the pollution, global warming, industrial wastes etc. & its effect in future generation. The above messages should spread to others by making a group so that maximum awareness can be spread all over the world. Here are some other initiatives that is required:
    1. Reduce the green house effect because earth’s green house is warming up rapidly. This is
    happening due to adding up of more green houses to our atmosphere causing an increased
    greenhouse effect. The increased green house effect is causing changes in our planet that
    can effect our lives.
    2. Global Warming : Plants like trees, grass and even flowers help our world. They take CO2 a
    greenhouse that is responsible for global warming. Out of the atmosphere plants make their
    own food using the sun’s energy, water and CO2 through photosynthesis. So due to plant
    not all CO2 that is released into the atmosphere stays there.
    3. Minimization of use of Fertilizers by choosing the organic fertilizer. Fertilizers contain nitrate
    & ammonium. These chemicals make nitrous oxide, a very powerful greenhouse gas, when
    they break down in the soil.
    4. Use of bicycles for short distance: This will help in minimization of fuel consumption and
    consequently environmental pollution.

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