5 Types Of People Who Believe In Fake Recruitment Ads

From time to time people posing as GAIL, representatives post fake recruitment ads to lure people – these adverts ask for money as application fee. Here are the kinds of people who believe in these ads and get duped!

1. Logo believers

“If it has a logo it must be real”.

For me nothing else matters. All I see is the logo and all I believe is the logo.

2. Career investors

“Nothing is free”.

A big ‘application fee’ makes sense for my kind. My belief – larger the position, the more you have to pay.

3. Fast and furious

“i need to get a job and i need to get it fast”.

I don’t read the details and I apply to as many applications as I can. Because you know – brute force works.

4. The sheep

“We go with the flow”.

Why worry about checking authenticity. If they are, then I should too!


“I’m convinced!”

You just need to speak, I am waiting here to believe.


Some Markers Of A Real GAIL Recruitment Advertisement.

1. The advertisement will be available on the careers section of the official GAIL website –
2. GAIL does not charge a fee for applying for any position.

3. GAIL recruitment ads will always have detailed contact information, in the print advertisement or in the detailed advertisement online.

If you encounter and advertisement that seems fishy, please mail us at careers@gail.co.in or social@gail.co.in

Our official notice on Fake advertisements


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