Facts you never Googled about Google

Each time you are left wondering about something, you “Google” it. From being a misspelled word to making its place in the oxford dictionary; Google’s achievements have been rather prominent over the years. Over time Google has introduced and acquired a number of brands and products. Youtube and Gmail being the most commonly used of the lot.

Since forever Google has been emphasizing that the ‘search engine’ is FREE!

Have you ever wondered how this process works and how much energy it intakes? Probably you have never “Googled” it! The company has thousands of data centers across the globe. But what really is interesting is the amount of energy that they draw for functioning.

According to a report by The New York Times, these centers burn around 260 MW of energy continuously. That amounts to about 0.013% of the earth’s total energy consumption. The amount of energy Google uses is one fourth of the output of a nuclear power plant.

Every single search on Google intakes about 0.3 watt of energy which is enough to light a 60-Watt bulb for 17 seconds. But that’s not all, because this figure multiplies with over a billion searches that happen over the world in a day. Just the search engine, which is regarded as a small fragment of the vast organization draws about 12.5 MW of energy.

“Googling” doesn’t seem FREE now, does it??

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