Breakthrough in oil &gas exploration, with a touch of human technology

Finally human technology derives a way to detect natural gas without causing the nature much of the damage. This breakthrough would cease the environmental mutilation which was a result of false drilling. The process culminated to addition of tons of carbon dioxide which is considered to be the prime element in global warming pollution.

According to the research program led by a team of international scientists, they have come up with the tool which is very precise in terms of not only locating the accumulation of natural gas and petroleum but also tracking down the path of its origination.

This is going to be a great boost to the natural gas production as the new derived tool will help cutting down the cost of production to a huge extent. According to Qing-zhu Yin, University of California “Generations and generations of people have been trying different tools. The problem is these tools have not been good indicators of the distance the oil travels, and there’s a lot of variability depending on the oil source,”

This revolutionary method was forged by extensive study of secondary petroleum migration which was earlier not taken into consideration in the process of detection of the reserves. The recent studies concluded that secondary petroleum migration which contains the details of movement of oil to the rock formation reservoir is the most vital part of the operation. “In this study, we’ve teased out the facts irrelevant to distance migration and created a model. Then we applied it to the real world and found it works really beautifully,” Yin added.

The index was recently tested at the Xifeng Oilfield in Inner Mongolia, as well as the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin which illustrated the index as a reliable gauge for the distance oil travelled.

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