Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

For a long time, the human race has dreamt about virtual reality. When you picture a VR headset, you probably think of something really high-tech and far too expensive to be practical.

Apparently, the guys at Google thought the same thing. While Facebook has bought into virtual reality technology for a whopping $2 billion, Google has settled for something a little more simple. Who would have imagined that we could create a VR headset out of something we already had: a simple piece of cardboard? Google did, that’s who.

Say hello to Google Cardboard. It may not sound like much – in fact, it may sound a lot like a joke – but this simple cardboard cutout can turn your Android phone into a neat virtual reality headset. Whether you’re looking for a cheap way to enhance your tech experience or you just want to see what this product is capable of, it’s worth checking out.

The official website gives us a brief lowdown. But if you are curious about how it works, here’s a video that explains it in full

So, don’t you feel like owning your own Cardboard VR glass? Well, we thought so too! And that’s why we’re giving away a bunch of them as prizes of our online contests.

To win, just follow our social media properties on FB and Twitter and wait for 12pm, Friday, 22nd May 2015 – That is when the contest goes live. Follow the rules, participate and you might just win a pair!


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