CO2 to improve energy efficiency

The world today is in desperate need of affordable and feasible sources of energy. Coal and oil seems to be the closest answer we have for ourselves as of now. Much of the conventional energy sources being used in the current scenario are not only degrading planet’s climatic condition but also our health and life. The economic advantage that we retrieve from it makes us overlook the catastrophic ramifications.

Researchers and scientists have been trying to find out alternative solutions to planets quest of energy security. There are other potential renewable ways to retrieve energy; from wind and sun. However, none of them are promising as they are variable sources. There would be no solar energy without the sun and there would be no energy form the wind without the wind. Geothermal energy is another option that strikes our mind when we speak of renewable energy. Though it is consistent, because it produces energy using planet’s interior heat; it can only be operated at locations where there hot water beneath the surface.

Recently the researchers have come up with a solution that would revolutionise the production of geothermal energy CO2 plume geothermal power or CPG. The concept of CPG involves usage of liquefied carbon dioxide instead of underground water reservoir. This not only puts the carbon emission into productive usage but also enables the setup of geothermal plants in locations which were not suitable earlier.

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