CWC 14th World LNG Summit, November 18th-21st, 2013

CWC group of companies is organising the 14th Annual World LNG Summit and award gala night from 18th to 21st November 2013 in Paris. The objective remains to become a strategic partner to the government delegations and the energy industry in the emerging markets.

The CWC group organizes the World LNG summit each year, with the one coming up in November being the 14th summit. The summit is among the many events and seminars organized by CWC. This particular LNG summit is a platform where LNG professionals from across the world assemble. The main area of focus in the summit is the display and discusses the key developments in the industry along with connecting the LNG buyers to the LNG sellers.


The past LNG summit that was held in Barcelona saw approximately a gathering of 500 delegates worldwide. The discussions revolve around the LNG markets and various technical innovations, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of the market. The key theme of discussion for the 2012 summit was the foreseen growth in supply and demand of LNG by 2025. Likewise in 2013 the summit will be “key drivers for Global LNG business”.

Key highlights

Some of the key highlights to be discussed in the summit will be:

  • Rigorous pricing challenge for the new LNG supply. Demand and supply predictions for future.
  • Asian import of LNG in the current global scenario and where would it reach by 2020
  • Japan’s long term energy plans and LNG demand in the next ten year.
  • Growth of LNG industry in India and China
  • Prospects for Canadian and U.S. LNG projects.
  • LNG as a marine fuel by 2020 : Potential and possibility


GAIL (India) Limited is a proud sponsor of the CWC WLNG summit 2013. The summit helps GAIL to get closer towards its mission “To accelerate and optimize the effective and economic use of Natural Gas and its fractions for the benefit of the national economy.”

Gail has been working hard to achieve every bit of its commitment towards a better tomorrow along with being a natural gas company in India and has now shifted its focus to a global prospect as well.

GAIL amongst others would be hosting the 9th Annual LNG Award Gala Dinner on 19th of November 2013. On behalf of GAIL (India) Limited, Mr B.C. Tripathi, would be addressing the audience during the summit.

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