Eco-Friendly bacteria

There s a new hope in the fight against global warming; Bacteria that feeds upon methane and propane. The greenhouse gasses eating microbe ‘methylocella silvestris’ is believed to be a potential defence system against leaks and oil spills.

According to a scientific research, the microbe prevents the harmful gasses on their way towards atmosphere.  The study quoted that the above implies that the microbes could help mitigate the effects of the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere from both natural gas seeps in the environment and those arising from man-made activity such as fracking and oil spills,”

Therefore, the extraordinary diet of the microbe makes it an ally to control global warming as it absorbs green house gasses which is believed to be the major cause of climatic disturbances since decades.

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  • Many developing countries import a significant share of their population’s food supply.

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