GAIL: Facilitating the safest fuel supply throughout the nation

As one of the responsible corporate citizens of the country, we emphasise on safety for people as well as in our projects. Whether it is in our operations or our corporate social responsibilities; we make sure our safety standards remain uncompromised.

We have laid more about 11,000 kilometres of gas pipelines in the country till date. The welded joints of our pipelines are ultrasonically and radiographically tested. Thus, leakage from the pipelines is prevented before making them functional. Further, our pipelines are protected through ‘Cathodic Protection System’ to prevent them from corrosion. Owing to our elaborate measures, we have successfully built an accident-free record and facilitated un-interrupted gas supply throughout the nation over the past 25 years.

Our vision for safety overarches our businesses as well as our people. We value the safety of our employees and people who are directly or indirectly associated with our businesses. We take concrete steps to ensure that they are well-informed, equipped and capable of handling situations that require taking safety initiatives for their communities. All our projects in this direction are aimed towards culminating self-sufficiency, self-confidence and self-assurance in people associated with us.

GAIL at Vijaipur

We undertake training programmes at our project sites to educate people on the crucial concern of safety. The “Fire & Safety Department” at our plant at Vijaipur conducts training programmes on safe driving for drivers who are responsible for the transportation of hazardous chemicals by road tankers. The training programme lasts for one day and includes a classroom session, screening of a safety film, field training, fire fighting with various extinguishers and resetting of tanker PSV models. Similar safety training is also imparted to villagers, people residing near pipelines, contract employees and security personnel. Till date we’ve trained more than 2500 people through such programmes.

Our endeavours are directed towards a vision of a future where people and businesses benefit from each other, a future where we realize the dream of sustainable growth of our nation. Our aim will always be designing a better tomorrow for generations to come. Tomorrow is yours!

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