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We live in a world where there is a constant need to achieve balance between conservation of environment, economic prosperity and societal growth. GAIL, as a responsible corporate citizen strives to achieve this balance.

Through small steps every day, by working together with our employees, suppliers, customers, governments and communities, we help shape the future of thousands of people.


An example of our endeavors towards the betterment of the society we work in, is our ‘Khera Water Conservation Project’. Villagers near our plant in Khera (Ujjain) had been facing problems due to fresh water scarcity. With an objective to provide access to water for drinking and irrigation purposes in the village, we implemented a water conservation project involving construction of ponds, wells, micro check dams, etc. The project also included training villagers on water conservation techniques and practices.

Another instance of project implementation for the betterment of a community was in Pata. Our engagement surveys revealed a pressing need for employment generation in the area especially Income generation activities for young women to empower them economically and socially. To address this concern, we decided to set up a small scale blanket weaving and manufacturing unit in the community centre in the area.To kick-start this project, we collaborated with an NGO  to study the market potential of establishing a manufacturing unit. The first unit was established on November 2011 with two trainers providing weaving training to 15 local women, some of who were young widows having no source of income. A project coordinator was appointed to supervise raw material procurement, product-market linkages etc.

The project benefitted women and helped them to improve the financial situation of their families. The profits generated from the project part distributed and reinvested to ensure sustainability of this business. A self help group was formed for the beneficiaries and processed for registration under District Urban Development Authority. The success of the project led to replication of this model in two more villages of the district.

Through all such projects, we took strong and sustainable measures to bring about changes and transform communities.

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