Harvesting energy from cow burps!

Cow burps are no longer a problem, even with all the methane emissions. Scientists from Argentina have devised a technique to extract methane from COW BURPS and convert it into FUEL!!  Methane accounts to be the prime component in natural gas and maybe used to fuel cars or even to run plants.

This all started at Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA). The initial purpose of the experiment was to gauge the amount of methane produced by a cow. The cow’s digestive gases were pumped into a tube on the cow’s back. The gasses were then separated to extract Methane.

According to Guillermo Berra, head of INTA’s animal physiology group “Once you get it compressed, it’s the same as having natural gas”. He further added “As an energy source it is not very practical at the moment, but if you look ahead to 2050, when fossil fuel reserves are going to be in trouble, it is an alternative”. INTA claimed that the methane collected from each cow is around 250-300 liters. This amount of Methane amounts to the energy, which is sufficient to keep a refrigerator running for 24 hours.

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