How to transform a trash can into a survival kit

Have you faced a situation when you are out camping and its hard to spark a fire for cooking since your gas cylinder went empty while you were preparing your dinner? Here is a solution for your own compact kitchen. All you need is-

  • An aluminium can
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A pocket knife
  • Scissors

Steps to turn a can into a stove:

  1. Carefully cut the can’s top off
  2. Now cut the can in two halves using the knife and even it with the help of scissors
  3. Size the top half of the can same as the bottom half
  4. Now use the pocket knife to make dents on the sides of the top half of the can at a uniform distance of 1 cm each
  5. Once done, slide the bottom half into the top half
  6. Use the pocket knife to gently draw tiny holes, a couple of centimetres below the top end of the stove.
  7. The fuel to be used in the process would be alcohol sold under the name of “rubbing alcohol”, “medical alcohol”, “medical spirit” etc.
  8. Pour the alcohol in the stove and light it

Your emergency stove is now ready. It is portable, recyclable and would help you cook anything from rice to beans depending upon the amount of fuel filled in the stove.

Do not blow the flame to extinguish it. Cover it with something which can cut off the oxygen supply. The stove extinguishes rapidly and the stove cools down in matter of seconds as well.

So now the weight of your baggage while camping is reduced to a remarkable extent as you would be carrying your own kitchen with yourself.


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