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Every resource that the planet offers us is finite. Everything has its peak and then it declines and diminishes forever. Be it petroleum, iron or even water. Sooner or later civilization is going to run out of the essentials.

However there is no limitation to innovation and human’s pursuit to excellence. The same is evident in the book “Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era” by Amory Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute. The book explores the possibility of future where earth is not dependent on oil and coal for energy anymore. It emphasises on the reliance on renewable and sustainable energy by the year 2050. According to the experts we need to cut the global carbon output by 80% the same year to preclude the disastrous aftermath of global warming.

Lovins and company also explained the path which discontinues our addiction for fossil fuels.  According to the book all the technologies and maneuverers already exist and all we need to do is take the smarter road.

Cleaner and sustainable 2050 can be achieved by refurbishing everything from our homes and cars to our factories and power grids. For instance Lovins suggested that if cars are built smaller and lighter using carbon fibre, it would require smaller engines and smaller batteries. This would ease the manufacturing and the cars can then run on electricity.

The technology devised by Lovins is said to fund for itself and save around $5 trillion, which can be put to a more productive usage.

To know more about the book please click on the link below


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