Overcoming the challenge

RGPPL LNG terminal at Dabhol has successfully discharged LNG ship Iberica Knutsen on 24.11.2013 i.e. after a gap of six months from the last unloaded cargo due to Monsoon.


Speaking on the occasion, Shri A K Jana, Dy MD, RGPPL said that “it was the sixth successful unloading of the LNG cargos since commissioning in Jan’2013 after overcoming the challenges associated with revival and commissioning of abandoned assets of Enron era.”

As on date, global LNG suppliers like Gazprom, GdF, Shell, Sonatrach and GnF have successfully brought their cargos at Dabhol terminal and delighted with the overall experience of terminal operations, he added further. Now the terminal has acceptance of British Gas, Ras Gas and Nigeria LNG after technical due diligence.

In order to ensure throughout the year operations, RGPPL targets to complete the breakwater on priority. For which, award of Contract is likely to be placed in Jan 2014 to ensure completion before the onset of Monsoon of 2016. On completion, terminal would be able to handle more than 80 Cargos in a year.”


Dy MD of RGPPL further elaborated that “For best utilization of terminal, GAIL being India’s number one gas company has been engaged as comercial opertor on tollling basis and the terminal is well connected with the GAIL gas grid.

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