Pakistan moving towards Energy security

Pakistan may soon get relief to the problem of energy shortage in the country. As per a local Pakistani newspaper “The Nation”, the deal may be proposed during the visit of Yemeni Minister for Oil & Minerals to Pakistan this month.

As per the Pakistani daily, decision to import LNG from Yemen was employed at the 7th session of the Pakistan-Yemen joint ministerial commission which took place in Islamabad earlier this month.


As of now Pakistan is suffering from a severe energy shortage and is desperately seeking augment supplies of natural gas from all the sources. Last year, Pakistan also agreed to import 400 million cubic feet gas per day of LNG from Qatar, which is expected to initialise from October 2014.

Talks with India are also in process, for supply of LNG through a 110km long pipeline. GAIL India may provide gas to the neighbour at 5million standard cubic metres per day through the proposed pipeline if the deal is locked in the future.

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