Project Management Education in India

The article reviews the situation of project management education in India. The author- Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak is the Head of Projects Department in GAIL, and is currently an IPMA Level-A Certification candidate. 

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  • With respect to the title of the paper:

    A business operates almost with an unique enterprise environmental factors. There are two competing global standards in the project management arenas: IPMA (competency based) and PMI (knowledge and process based). Before selecting a particular project management standard, the project management methodology (e.g Agile, traditional and so on) as well as the context of an organization must be evaluated carefully in order to meets the commitments to stakeholders and avoid business failure, huge costs etc.

    Thank you for the series article.

    Rajib. (Ex-GAIL)

  • R S Velmurugan

    The article is informative. It is highlighting the need of the day of project personnel. Definitely such kind of certification helps managers to enhance their skills and work in a systematic way. This improves performance of the project. Thanks.

  • s c sharma

    This article rightly points out that we are lacking in skilled man power for project execution. India need to give special emphasis to train skilled work force at worker level like welder, technicians, electricians, bar benders, masons, fitters etc. and this can be achieved by creating interface between industry and institutes like ITI which train manpower at worker level no worker is given certificate of the trade if he does not meet acceptance of the industry i.e. Welder should meet EIL welder qualification criteria. this way we can develop skilled manpower.

  • Sanjay Dixit

    The article is inspiring and motivating. The executives need project management education. there is no doubt about this. at the same time the nation also needs qualified technical workers also at working level like welders, fitters, masons, bar binders. on this front also there is a wide gap between China and India. we do not have the effective centralized mechanism to identify the skill gap and to fill that. This leads to compromise at the quality level in the projects and ultimately affects the projects cost wise ad time wise.

  • B. Taid

    It is always better to have the roadmap to reach the destination. The Project Management is supposed to be the blueprint of a mission to accomplish about what(s) and How(s) to achieve. If we can define problems, half of the job is over and the next is what and how to do and I think the Project Management shades us light for parting the hurdles and lessoned us the detail anatomy of any project. There are classic examples of project management like delay of Airbus380:SAS France cases we have studied in past.
    The article “Project Management Education in India “ is found very much enlightening .We must strive to cropped up the level of understanding about Project management- it’s uses ,tools & techniques for GAIL’s view for completing the projects in time bound manner having maintained the factors of cost & quality of work. The information shared by the author certainly permeate awareness and needs of Project Management skills in GAIL vis-à-vis improve the nos./data of certified professionals in India.

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