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The nation’s thirst for clean drinking water is among the major problems that the citizens are facing presently. There are numerous factors responsible for the continuous growth in the deficit between the towering demand and limited supply of the essential; exploding population, urbanization and rising standard of living being some of the primary amongst others. If statistics are taken into account, the capital of the country seems to be dying of water shortage. The requirement for clean water in Delhi presently touches around 3,324 million liters a day whereas; the supply of the same is accounted for just 2,034 million liters a day. Extensive ground water extraction has additionally led to serious doubts over the quantity as well as the quality of ground water.


Scarcity of ground as well as surface water has got the nation to think for an alternative to quench its rising thirst. India is blessed with adequate amount of rainfalls due to its demographical location and thus collection of rain water for further usage seems to be the most appropriate solution to the complex problem. Rain water harvesting can provide the cleanest naturally occurring water available. There lies a considerable scope for collection of the rain water before the evaporation, transpiration and contamination due to natural and man-made activities.


Collection of rainwater is very easy. It can be domestically employed as well. Tiled and similar sheeted roofs are preferable in the process of rainwater harvesting. It can also be substituted with guttering, where in the water is funneled into a storage tanks. The guttering pipe can fixed with an additional filter to prevent the ingress of potential pollutants. The process cheap to install and the construction methods are relatively straightforward. Once installed the model does not require high maintained costs as well.

Nature provides us more than we need. It’s our part to realize the same and utilize the resources in a responsible way to attain the sustainable development and healthy lives.

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