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  1. Prashant Rathor

    It is true that development comes with loss of nature. However, it can always be compensated (if not avoided) in many other ways. For example, if you are to shed trees for road expansion, try to avoid it by acquiring a parallel strip of land along the old road with full of trees on either side. And if can’t be done, develop a nature park which will have 20 times more trees in lieu of trees sacrificed for widening of the road.

  2. Yes, we have developed from stone age to this age with the help of nature. we shall be needy not greedy. we can continue development if we follow the Nature rule, otherwise get ready to be destroyed.


    By providing the immediate help by GAIL, we can proudly say that at one side GAIL is providing pollution free environment to Nation and another side proving a True Guardian of all the citizen. This also shows that ” HAR SUKH AUR DUKH KI GARHI MEIN GAIL SAB KE SAATH HAI.

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