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Skipping tones the body but what if that’s not all? While skipping charges you up, it can also charge your phone, light up your house and other devices. Uncharted Play has devised the PULSE jump rope that lets you convert the Kinetic energy produced while skipping into electricity. This electricity once stored can then be saved in to batteries to power small electronic devises.


The PULSE jump rope, currently in a limited availability with release of 100 devices, capitalizes on the technology which coverts the kinetic energy that is created while the rope spins to generate an electric charge in the handle of the device. The energy is then stored and used later using the adaptor which comes along with the device.

Minutes of play enables the device to generate hours of power. The super smart rope is currently priced at $129. The company however is trying to make the equipment affordable to all the parts of the globe.

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