Summer soda cans can warm up your winters

Equipping your house with solar heating system still is quite ritzy affair. This #GreenWednesday  we will teach you how you can install a solar heating panel with some easily accessible and economical materials.


To make a Solar Heater you would require:

  • A window (double paned)
  • Adequate amount of empty soda pop cans to fill in the window
  • 2 inches of thick Styrofoam insulation
  • Two sections of dryer ducting
  • Duct tape
  • Electric fan
  • Cage wire

Once you have the above items you can start making your own solar heating panel by following the steps mentioned below:

  • First measure and cut the stryrofoam and forma a three sided box that can be attached to the window and leave it to dry once done. Then Tape the walls together along the edges while properly sealing them. It should be deep enough to fit the diameter of the cans.
  • Cut an intake as well as an outtake hole on each of the end of the back piece of the foam.
  • Now place the cage wire in the holes so that it sticks out 2-4 inches on either side of the Styrofoam
  • Cut out the bottom of the cans
  • Place the cans in the Styrofoam box and cover it with more cage wire
  • Paint the entire thing black
  • Add another four pieces of Styrofoam to line the interior of the box over the top of the cage wire and then place screws into the narrow sides of the box at every few inches.
  • Place the cans inside and paint the contraption black
  • Place high heat mortar around the edges of the box
  • Put the window and tape it
  • Position the panel at the sunniest spot available
  • Attach the fan with the help of duct tape at the out take end to heat up your house.

Your solar panel is now complete at the minimum cost.

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