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Conquering the wind

Windmill has been conventionally used to harness wind energy since ages. Scientists and researchers have also tried to modify the design and processing of the same. Recently the elongated designs of the blades have resulted in the biggest windmill producing enormous amount of energy. These gigantic windmills were installed in the coastal regions where the …

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The Pruner

Fascinated with machines Mr. Girmail Singh Dhonsi, started working as a mechanic in a tractor repairing workshop. Although his father wanted him to study further, the ingenious machine fanatic decided to gain practical knowledge rather than the theoretical part. Driven by curiosity and innovation he found the daily routine not at par to his abilities. …

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The Super Techie

The super techie whom we are going to cover today is not an IITian; as a matter of fact he hasn’t received any formal education. Behind his brilliant technological innovations lies immense practical knowledge he acquired all by reading his brother’s text books as well as by repairing any and every machine around him. The …

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