The Pruner

Fascinated with machines Mr. Girmail Singh Dhonsi, started working as a mechanic in a tractor repairing workshop. Although his father wanted him to study further, the ingenious machine fanatic decided to gain practical knowledge rather than the theoretical part.

Driven by curiosity and innovation he found the daily routine not at par to his abilities. He in his free time kept himself busy with innovation and playing with the very core of the machines. At one such instance he made a petrol bike to run on kerosene and modified a scrap tractor into a working model.

Mr. Dhonsi in his career invented a lot of useful agricultural and non agricultural machines but two of them will always remain on the top of the lot. One would be a tractor mounted rapid compost aerator which can aerate, humidify and mix bio waste and the second and the most important one is a tractor mounted tree pruner for the purpose of the dressing of avenue or other tree plantations.

For ideal growth, trees and horticulture plants need proper pruning.  The process requires a lot of time to cut the stem, branches, leaves etc. When done manually it’s a tiresome and time consuming process and imported machinery for the job costs a fortune. Thanks to Mr.Dhonsi who is responsible for bringing a sense of relief for the India farmers in form of the tractor operated tree pruner.  The machine mounted to a tractor via a hydraulic system is able to prune trees along with the top dressing. The machine is compatible to any tractor of size 40 hp or above.  The machine is laced with carbon steel blades for the purpose.

Innovators and machines of the similar kind would bring about a revolution in our domestic market. The nation very much needs the same in the current scenario.

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