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Save water save self

The nation’s thirst for clean drinking water is among the major problems that the citizens are facing presently. There are numerous factors responsible for the continuous growth in the deficit between the towering demand and limited supply of the essential; exploding population, urbanization and rising standard of living being some of the primary amongst others. …

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The ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) has cemented the international cooperation with United States and Germany to establish country’s own “Green Energy Corridors”. The MNRE officials recently have been involved in budding new relations with the developed countries for collaboration for supplies of renewable energy products, devices and systems. The giant German financial …

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Open the door to the Green Future

Global energy economy is going through a transition phase where renewables are grounding their position in the fuel market. With increasing global fuel demands and depleting store houses of fuel, government has started adopting the initiatives and planned procedures are going to blend the renewables in existing economy. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) …

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Paint it Green

On an average one takes almost 23000 breaths. In the present scenario we are well aware of the pollution that we intake with the oxygen in the process of breathing. The adulteration in the air is hampering the human health condition and is the root cause for chronic diseases such as asthma, lung impairment, headache, …

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