Say Yes to Natural Gas

Natural gas has a competitive advantage as one of the cheapest, lowest emitting and most versatile new power generation fuel types. Natural Gas reduces emission of harmful gases compared to coal-fired generation. Gas helps to revitalize the atmosphere and also contribute highly to energy and electricity generation. Make natural gas your choice to save the …

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Conquering the wind

Windmill has been conventionally used to harness wind energy since ages. Scientists and researchers have also tried to modify the design and processing of the same. Recently the elongated designs of the blades have resulted in the biggest windmill producing enormous amount of energy. These gigantic windmills were installed in the coastal regions where the …

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An overview of the LNG summit 2013

During the recent past natural gas has presented itself as a greener fuel of choice, more evidently than ever. With rising environmental issues, natural gas seems to be the most practical alternative. At the CWC World LNG summit 2013 held this in year in Paris, various opportunities and key challenges were discussed regarding the present …

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