The Indo-China LNG Landscape

Times are changing, population is rising and economies are growing!! India and china are both driven by these factors and therefore demand more energy from diverse & flexible sources and LNG shall fill this demand in the coming years. Asia currently lacks sufficient infrastructure and therefore ends up paying a higher price for LNG. WIth global partnership however a challenge like this can be overcome.

LNG imports are majorly dependent on prices and infrastructure developments in the nation. India has seen a major rise in its demand for Gas and by 2025 the percentage of Gas in Indian energy mix is foreseen to rise to 20%. This increased demand is said to be met by LNG imports. India has invested a lot in its LNG infrastructure, with Shell’s Hazira, Petronet’s Dahej and GAIL’s Dabhol pipelines and one more waiting to be approved. In the same direction GAIL has signed deals with Cheniere and Cove Point to ensure a reliable supply of LNG in times to come.

As far as China is concerned, their LNG demand is currently on the rise being affected by factors like the scope for producing shale gas in China, the volume LNG imports from Central Asia and Russia. In fact the plans to add LNG receiving terminals in China with a total capacity of 23 mn tonnes per year for the next 3 years are in progress. Additionally, many LNG terminals are currently at various developmental stages. When it comes to volumes, China’s choices can end up affecting the region’s future LNG demand levels drastically.

China and India are evidently preparing to boost their LNG imports to fulfill the forecasted rise in energy demands. A global platform that addresses these issues and concerns is the World LNG summit organized by CWC. This LNG summit lets LNG professionals from across the world assemble at one place to focus on the key developments in the LNG industry along with connecting the LNG buyers to the LNG sellers. Click on the link below to know the entire schedule for the summit along with the highlights of the event (

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