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The ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) has cemented the international cooperation with United States and Germany to establish country’s own “Green Energy Corridors”. The MNRE officials recently have been involved in budding new relations with the developed countries for collaboration for supplies of renewable energy products, devices and systems. The giant German financial …

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Sun Baked food

The time to switch to “green cooking” has arrived. Looking at the current health standards of life and the increasing pressure on non-renewables, it is the apt time to adopt non renewables in day today life. The “green cooking” can be adopted by using solar energy as the source of cooking heat. In this post, …

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The Flower Power

Solar plants now have come up with a solution to boost their power efficiency;concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants. These plants use arrays of mirrors known as heliostats, which focus a large area of sun’s rays onto a tiny area. There the concentrated light is converted into heat and then transformed into electricity. With CSP gaining …

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