GAIL releases its sixth Sustainability Report

“Nurturing Resilient Ecosystem” theme of the report for the year 2015-16

New Delhi, 23rd September, 2016: Shri B. C. Tripathi, Chairman and Managing Director, GAIL (India) Limited, today released the company’s Sustainability Report for the year 2015-16 on the theme ‘Nurturing Resilient Ecosystem’ in the presence of Shri M. Ravindran, Director (HR), Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak, Director (Projects), Shri Subir Purkayastha, Director (Finance) and other senior officials of the company.

While our previous Sustainability Reports highlighted our commitment and action-orientation to fulfill and achieve our targets, our Sustainability Report for FY 15-16 centred around the theme of ‘Nurturing Resilient Ecosystem’ is aligned with the theme of our Annual report FY 15-16. With the sixth edition of our Sustainability Report, FY 15-16, ‘Nurturing Resilient Ecosystem’ communicates our efforts to adapt while fostering a resilient ecosystem to prosper even in testing times while being responsible and committed to our stakeholders.

GAIL being a Public Sector company is guided by the principles of accountability and transparency, where ethical business conduct becomes even more imperative as our reach goes beyond our immediate stakeholders with expanding business operations.

This year’s Sustainability Report, ‘Nurturing Resilient Ecosystem’ marks the second year of our transition from GRI G3.1 to GRI G4 guidelines. The report is in line with GRI G4 Guidelines ‘in-accordance’ option core. With this report, GAIL availed the Content Index certified by GRI, Amsterdam for the second year consecutively. This report is a materiality centric report and also highlights initiatives taken for our stakeholders. The report highlights the positive actions taken within each material issue which been identified after a thorough materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement exercise which was conducted at various locations of GAIL amongst different stakeholder groups. All Sustainability Reports of GAIL have been assured by external third party. Continuing the practice, this year’s Sustainability Report has been assured by DNVGL. This is a Type 2 Moderate level assured report based on AA1000AS (2008) standard. Assurance process includes data verification at different sites of GAIL that will continue to help GAIL improve its processes and data management mechanisms.

Our Sustainability Report FY 15-16 has been uploaded on the date of GAIL’s Annual General Meeting i.e. 23rd September, 2016 for stakeholders to have access to non-financial data along with financial data of the organization. GAIL’s Corporate Sustainability Reports are publicly available on GAIL’s website (

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