“Tomorrow is Yours” CSR Campaign wins Silver at the SIA awards, USA

This year we, GAIL (India) Limited were recognized for CSR campaign which celebrates the theme of “Tomorrow Is Yours” at the Summit Creative Awards (SCA). The Summit International Awards (SIA) is a USA based organization dedicated to furthering excellence in the marketing communications industry .

Over the last 21 years, the SCA (Summit Creative Awards) has become a unique platform to applaud outstanding creative achievements of small and medium sized advertising agencies worldwide with annual billings under $30 million.  It administers three distinguished advertising and marketing award competitions throughout the year with the goal of raising the awareness of companies and individuals who have the creative and marketing talent to go beyond the ordinary.Using stringent evaluation criteria and blind judging processes, its competitions reward only those firms whose work exemplifies the best in its class.

The brand of GAIL (India) Limited has moved from strength to strength and this victory adds another stepping stone. And it hasn’t been easy – Our victory comes in the Public Service Newspaper/Magazine Campaign category as we bag a silver amongst 5000 entries from 23 countries for the creativity we showcased through our campaigns.  The rigour and strategic thought that drives our success among gas utilities in the world, also drives its CSR initiatives.

This year’s panel of international judges included: Juan Pablo Valencia, Creative Director, TBWACentral Asia & Caucasus – Kazakhstan Augusto Correia, Integrated Art Director, Artplan – Brazil Trent Oliver, CEO, Blue Telescope – United States Phil Copithorne, C&B Ad- Canada Crystal McKenzie, President/CEO, Crystal McKenzie, Inc. – United States Marcus Enstrom, Creative Director, FaPaFamiljen – Sweden Andreas Kioroglou, Founder/ Creative Director, Matadog Design – Greece Luke Li, Creative Director, Germany Nizar Al Shorbagi, Art Director, Paragon Marketing Communication – Kuwait Pier Lalonde, Principal, Pixel &Cie, marketing creative – Canada Matthew Maday, Managing Director, RDI/A Digital – United States Fabio Orlando, CCO, tag – Canada Curtis Wolowich, Creative Director, Agency59 – Canada This truly is a world class victory for a world class campaign. The winning campaign:

GAIL-CSR-Ad--2GAIL-CSR-Ad---1GAIL-CSR-Ad---3 Our motto ‘Tomorrow is yours’ is a reflection of the hopes, aspirations and dreams of the many beneficiaries of the CSR initiatives. The winning entry epitomizes all this in a simple, stark, compelling and very thought-provoking way.

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  • thanks for your feedback and sorry to know that you feel this way. We appreciate your views. However the given CSR based advt campaign was meant to have a human connect to make people understand our brand promise. the same theme was taken up in the subsequent advertisements where we have said “When Indian becomes Energy Secured in Greener ways, we know Tomorrow Is Yours”.


    समाज सेवा के लिये सबसे बेहतर प्रक्रिया है

  • K K Nair

    What I liked – Wonderful and eye catching initiatives taken by GAIL for helping poor people
    Secondly, I liked the hihgly informative Slogan – We know – Tomorrow is yours
    Thirdly, Thrilling, Smiling, Eye Catching – Black & White Photographs of the Advt.
    It is very difficult to find out any dislikes.

  • Eldtho

    I must agree with the comments above.
    However, I personally feel that charity should not be advertised. Again, what was the award for? Not for the work we did, but for the quality of the creative work behind the advertisement. By doing this, we have stooped one more step: not only did we advertise our charity works, but also we competed for an award for the advertisement!
    May be I am old fashioned, hence my above view.

  • aksahani

    At a glance you can view the whole world by the power of development.


    यह हम सब के लिए बहुत गर्व का विषय है। कल का सुनहरा भविष्य हम सब भारतीयों लिए सुखद हो।

  • Vishwas Pathak

    We are sure GAIL CSR initiatives will leave a positive footprint in millions life’s.

  • Mukesh Kumar Tiwari

    It is good to see the recognition of CSR activities at the International forum, a dynamic organization can go beyond top line, bottom line concept, the results are reflection of unstinted support of the top management & clinical precision execution by the team at delivering the aspiration of the unaspired flock of the society

  • A very nice Ad and a big achievement for GAIL

  • Krishna KUmar Nair


  • d s sarswat

    It’s GAIL’s strength

  • Arvind Kumar Sharma

    Really a heart touching with strength of Gail’s on theme ‘Tomarrow is yours’

  • ramsubodh

    सभी संस्थाएँ अपनी जवाबदारी जो कि समाज के प्रती बहुत ही जरूरी है समझे तो भारत सुखी हो जाएगा

  • Arabinda Sarkar

    Its a thumbs Up for the Brand- GAIL


    It’s truly heat touching and inspirational stories / cases . GAIL’s services to humanities under CSR is un -matched . keep it up………….

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