Time to switch ON

It’s has been 134 years, since the invention of Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb. And what a journey it has been. Light bulbs have helped the human kind in more than one way. Be it the households or any industrial or professional sectors; without the light the darkness of the nights would have been unconquerable.

But as history has it; nothing stands in the way of curiosity and invention of the “better”. With introduction of Compact Fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) things have changed.


An incandescent bulb converts 95% of the energy it consumes into heat and only 5% of it is actually converted into light. A CFL uses only one fifth of the energy that is used by an incandescent bulb to provide the level of illumination. A 60 W and 100 W incandescent bulb can be replaced by a 15 W and 20 W CFLs respectively.
CFLs are also very cost effective.

In India where the domestic charge of electricity is around Rs.7 per unit of electricity (kWh), a 15 W CFL if used for 4 hours a day would sum up to 21.9 kWh per year or Rs 153.3 whereas, under the same circumstances a 60 W bulb would generate a bill of Rs. 613.2.


CFLs not only save money but energy as well and are nature friendly. The heat trapping carbon dioxide emissions from a CFL is far less than that of an incandescent bulb. A 15 W CFL emits 16 g/hr whereas; a 60 W bulb emits 65 g/hr.

It’s time for you to choose wisely and make the switch. Time to #GoGreen.

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