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Recently a UK based energy journal “LNG Magazine” published an article “A passage to India” on the Indian LNG demand and GAIL’s efforts towards meeting the same with inputs from Mr. Prabhat Singh; director, marketing , GAIL (India) Limited.

The article talked about the energy demand and supply shortage in India and around the globe. Involvement of natgas in India’s energy mix is 11% whereas it accounts to 24% in the global scenario. As of now, domestic production contributes 73% of the total supply of the gas. The gap between supply and demand is growing with the intense development and rising conscience to go green in the nation. GAIL has stepped up to the challenge and has assumed a key role in development of natgas market in India in meeting rising demand. It has also been vigilant about securing deals with the foreign nations as well. The long term deals with Qatar, Yemen, Nigeria, Algeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Norway, Oman, UAE etc. shows the efforts of the company in doing so.

The article basically consisted of three important constraints:


Indian natural gas market has become a global attraction because of its demographical location as well as rising domestic demand. GAIL has secured part of natgas supplies from countries like Russia and Turkey and is constantly examining potential LNG hubs.

Business & Sustainability

GAIL has been consistently trying to reduce the carbon footprint in the production process and with usage of renewable energy in the production process it depicts the strong willingness of the motive. Alongside the busy operations GAIL with its CSR projects has also been ensuring the sustainable development of underprivileged the needy communities.

Future Projects

GAIL has constantly trying to fill the gap between supply and demand in the country. Company is pursuing regional cooperation with fellow Asian nations. GAIL has also been looking to diversify its operations and in the process has also commissioned wind energy projects in Gujarat. Future plans are to concentrate on the renewabels starting with solar & wind energy.

With strong words from the marketing manager we are assured that the future demands will be met and India may soon achieve energy security.

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